New Yeti Bikes, anyone? [MTB]

Pinkbike has an article which shows what looks like a new SB150… so maybe new/modified releases coming soon?

Nice. Looks like the SI is still alive :slight_smile:

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I’m starting to hear rumors of a 120 bike…waiting to see about this.

Would it be a 120/120 bike or a 130/120 light trail??


New SB160 just released:


Most of the Yeti crew that race XC put a Sid Ultimate 120 on their 115s. I think a new one is coming out but it won’t be much different than what the yeti racers have already done to their bikes from what comes stock.

I don’t see any Yeti racers racing XC, maybe longer stuff. An update geo bike would go a long way.

I liked my SB100, but it wasn’t an XC race bike.


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I should have clarified! don’t mean YETI factory racers. I mean local pros who get bikes from Yeti/part of the CO crew who finish respectfully well racing pro in xc races around CO, Wyoming, BC etc. They seem to do alright with the 115 and are all pretty dang fast. Moab Rocks, Single Track 6, etc. Short and long XC races.

A true xc light weight bike would be great though as getting the 115 down super light is a challenge for sure.

Your last sentence is what I meant. The 115 is a great bike, but I needed a geo update. It can stay 120/115


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Ooooh that looks so fun.

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Quick skims, I think it looks and sounds like a capable bike. Right in the realm of stuff like the Ripley V4 & latest Top Fuel for travel and geo.

But man… that thing is porky. Nearly 30lbs for a $9k build with 130/120 travel???

Weight: 29.5 lb / 13.4 kg (size L)
• Price: $9,600 USD

A bit of a hard sell for me with tech comparison when those other bikes are way less. For fun, here is the TF at the same price point:


Yikes, that is definitely porky. I used to ride a 130/120 aluminum frame with lower parts spec (e.g. GX drivetrain) that weighed less than that and cost significantly less. I really don’t see the appeal of a short travel bike that heavy when there are other similar bikes that weigh significantly less, as you pointed out. It’s a Yeti though, so it’ll sell.


That new Yeti is outrageous. 10k and still had a Gx chain and G2 brakes, that’s unbelievable. There are 140 or 150mm bikes that are lighter too, and better descenders (not a great HTA for descending).

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I think bike makers are going to find out quickly they have surpassed the price ceiling.

I feel like this is a lot like that hot new restaurant that raises prices, which causes them to lose customers, which causes them to cut food quality to reduce costs, which loses more customers so they raise prices again, which in turn loses the rest of their customers.

And so the death spiral begins.

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I’m obviously not the target audience for a dedicated trail bike but that seems like a wild miss. I guess it fits perfectly though if all their bikes are shifting up one category.

This isn’t the bike I was hoping for. I was really hoping for an updated Sb100.

Sticking with my Trail429 for the same thing this bike is intended.


Yeti has always been in that ‘boutique’ range of bike brands and charged a premium for it as such. I know plenty of locals here with them over the years and most have been well liked (one notable exception of the SB6 falling short for one rider) despite the premium pricing.

I wouldn’t necessarily look to them as a bellwether for the entire industry, but do think that the evolution of pricing in the last 2-3 years, along with the current state of things… that change is likely to be found ahead. No idea really, but ‘The times they are A-changin’.


I feel like it’s just awkwardly caught in the middle between the downcountry bikes and true trail bikes with more travel. It has the travel and geo of the downcountry bikes but the weight of a trail bike with more travel and better descending geo. Most of the downcountry bikes are light enough that they fill a niche of longer travel XC bikes with varying degrees of more oomph than a dedicated race bike, and the true trail bikes are heavier but also have more travel and geo that is even better suited for descents than what the SB120 seems to offer. Mike Kazimer seemed to like it well enough in the Pinkbike review as a bike evaluated on its own and not in comparison to the competition, but even he pointed out that it would’ve been nice to see it commit to one or the other and stand out against the competition. I’m not the market for this either (I’m definitely more in the lighter downcountry bikes market personally), but it reads like a miss to me too, even if the whole lineup is shifting toward bigger bikes.


That’s tricky, when you are in the middle it is not obvious whether you are getting a blend of the best of both worlds or the worst of both worlds.

I once had the Pivot 429 as a rental, which is close in spirit to this bike, although certainly Pivot approached this more from the trail end. I really liked how it felt, it was instantly my favorite fully that I have ever ridden.

Another bike that immediately popped into my head was BMC’s Teammachine. On paper, it seems like nothing special, not particularly light, not a very adventurous geo, etc. But it immediately felt special to ride.