New Wahoo Kickr Bike V2 2022



V6 also jumped to 1300. I just got a v5 for 900 directly from Wahoo and was expecting this to be an old stock unload.

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Hmmm, I missed out on the Kickr bike sale from Wahoo earlier this summer. Perhaps there will be more sales coming to get rid of current stock?

Presumably, if they have enough stock on hand that isn’t possible or practical to convert up to the new V2. As of yesterday, they had been selling the V1 at $3000 USD right from their site.

Perhaps some searching at retailer locations can yield similar deals as of today on remaining stock outside of Wahoo’s hands?

ETA: Just a couple pulled from Google that are at the $3k price:

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I’m really curious what updates they did to the Kickr bike besides the obvious inclusion of WiFi & Direct Connect - though it’s a little crazy Direct Connect still needs the dongle

  • Answers from the Zwift Insider article linked above:

Items in bold are new features/upgrades from the previous gen 1 model:

  • WiFi connectivity
  • ERG Easy Ramp
  • Odometer
  • Direct Connect capability
  • MSRP: $3999 USD (increased from $3499 USD)
    • £3,499.99 GBP, €3,999.99 EURO, $5,299.99 CAD, $6,299.95 AUD, ¥495,000 JPN
  • Maximum Wattage: 2500W (increased from 2200W)

In addition to the list above, we spoke with Tyler about two other issues in the original KICKR Bike which have been addressed in the new model:

  • Motor redesign: resonant frequency noises in the 68-72 rpm range have been addressed
  • Seat and handlebar height adjusting: steering tube and seat tube tolerances have been tightened and quick release bushings improved in order to address the issue of people breaking quick release skewers while trying to tighten down their handlebars and seat.

Also Kicker V6

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Just a small FYI from Ray about a pending DCR review of the V2 Bike:

Oh, and on the bike – the shipment was properly untangled this afternoon, and is now showing for delivery on Thursday. I’ll start giving it a whirl, but I suspect it’ll be a few weeks for a final review.

I had a quick-list of fixes/changes post I started and was trying to get out today, but this week is a bit bonkers in terms of new stuff and that list hasn’t quite made it off my laptop yet.

So no increase in movement like a built in wobble board for that much money?

No, they have not apparently added any motion other than the existing Climb tilt. I do seem to remember some discussion long ago when V1 was released, about people detecting some lateral angle motion as a result of the connection at the lower end of the bike pivot. I was never certain if this was designed and intended, residual deflection/slop from the parts involved or something else.

To top it off, most people install these on some form of trainer mat or even carpeted floor. If that motion is anything like the minimal motion of the Kickr Axis feet, those other conditions likely mask any movement in the bike itself.

Disappointed but not surprised by this iterative update. Was hoping that the prospect of competition from things like Muoverti would spur the 2nd gen bikes form Wahoo or Stages to add some type of movement. More of my time spent demoing smart bikes was spent on the SB20 than the KICKR bike but my biggest impression was how unnatural it felt to ride since the thing is built like a tank and doesn’t give an inch.

While I wouldn’t say that motion platform / rocker plate designs have revolutionized my indoor riding I’m still not keen on going back to something static.


I’m struggling to understand V2. I love V1 - use it four or five times a week. Great product. “Upgrades” now seem to be:

  • WiFi - why? It already connects with Bluetooth. What does WiFi possibly add?
  • erg ramp - no idea what this is - can’t be something I’m obviously missing
  • odometer - I have Strava. It’s free.

I admit I haven’t looked closely at this so maybe there’s some other upgrades, quality improvements, etc. but if I didn’t already have one and I was in the market for one now I’d be trying to get a V1.

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  • I moved your post directly under the V2 topic, that has plenty of useful links and data to review, and fill in the blanks for you info.
  • This quick copy/paste from article captures some good info.
  • Great that you don’t have connection issues, but plenty of users have data dropouts from the interference in their particular area. The ability to use either WiFi or the wired Direct Connection may well solve connection issues for users.
  • Helps make it way easier to get up to power with an easier start if/when you get interrupted or restart an interval after coasting to a stop when in ERG workouts.
  • This can work, but it is not directly connected to your device. Presumably, someone with the Wahoo app can connect to a tracked bike or Kickr, and see the actual “mileage” of that device. It precludes the need for you to provide that data. Not to mention, that depending on the number of users for a device, Strava data could be lacking and incomplete to the pure data recorded on the device.
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All fair enough - guess I’m lucky - no drop-outs, nobody else using my Kickr and never stop during a work out :wink:

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My understanding is the Erg Easy Ramp will be rolled down the V1 soon, so that’s not even technically a “plus” for the V2 (according to that CyclingTips article).

Odometer is neat, tho. Especially for those purchasing used or for those who use one bike for multiple people (like me and my wife).

I’m not personally bugged by the 70-rpm resonance (still much quieter than my 2012 Kickr), but I’m glad they worked it out on the V2. This is THE premium trainer… it shouldn’t have those small issues.

Lastly, I don’t think most of us V1 owners are the main target audience for the V2… could be wrong about that though.

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I think you’re right - they don’t seem to be suggesting that you roll your V1 for a V2, so it’s just some upgrades for new buyers. I think though if I was in the market afresh and I could get a good discount on a V1 I’d go for that over the list price V2 as the differences aren’t great enough. I hadn’t noticed the resonance at 70 but I rarely pedal at that rate so maybe that’s why.

V1 is now down to $2600 on their site, but I still don’t know whether it’s worth it over a regular bike/trainer/rocker plate combo. Not many reviews out there for how V1 has held up after a year or two of day to day use.

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Early model V1 here. It had a thrashing a while back when I was testing it. It has been used at a few cycling events where people have gave it a total flogging… it was returned still working. Mrs Lama has used it a few times a week for the last year. No issues other than having to grease the legs to stop creaking. The hum/resonance is notable… as it’s set up near our living room area. I’m hoping the V2 is quieter… and I’ll know as soon as the local FedEx team finally get off their arse and deliver it… it has been with them only 3km away for the last week with no delivery attempts. /rant.


I’ve had mine since January 2021. During the winter-ish months it gets used 4-5x a weeks and during the summer-ish months it gets used 2-3x a week.

I’d definitely buy it again. Especially at the price you can get the V1 for now

Would you buy again if you have a new smart trainer? What makes it worth it in your opinion?