New Wahoo Kickr Bike Shift (2023)

Read into the issues of the power accuracy, I would take the Wahoo all day, even with its faults.

From what I’ve gathered the SB20 really have issues with the power meters etc.

Also seems to be very stiff, compared to Wahoo.

Yea you pay a premium price for wahoo but I’d rather have good support and good power accuracy.

Funny that I have read the exact opposite of what you are claiming with regards to power meter accuracy. Just look at DC Rainmakers page. He still doesn’t even have a full review of the Kickr Shift due to inaccurate power data.

And yet the other titan (GP Lama) had excellent results and endorsed the Shift as something he trusts and plans to use for data comparison of other meters. Mixed bag here apparently?

WRT the SB20, there are known issues with stance width being a factor as shown in threads here at the very least, so I don’t think it gets a clean pass either.

Yeah this is what I was referring to. I just forgot the word stance haha.

Seems to be quite a problem from what I have read on other forums :slight_smile:

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I have been thinking about getting the Shift as well, even though my Neo 2T has been flawless for more than three years now.
My only real gripe with it (besides having to take my bike on and off) is that it’s really only silent when I am using ERG mode in the small front ring / climbing gears. The flywheel and drivetrain become quite noisy at racing speeds in sim mode. Living in an apartment, this keeps me from racing pretty much at all.
I would also like to be able use ERG mode in the big gears, because right now I am doing low inertia training pretty much exclusively, due to the noise issue.
@GPLama said in his Shift review that you have to be ‘in the right gear’ for ERG mode, or else the power can fluctuate noticably. Anyone have experience with this?

Imagine paying $3,000 for a product and then having to use a rubber band to fix its design flaw.

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Imagine paying similar for a Stages SB20 that lacks problem but makes up for it with known accuracy issues which takes far more than a $0.05 rubber band to fix (aka power meter).

I get it. Wahoo could have done better but I fail so see that cable issue as a deal breaker when the rest seems as good or better than similarly priced options.

ETA, per Ray in a recent reply:

As they noted, the magnet in subsequent production versions was made strong. I have yet to have it fall off on the newer bike.

So it looks like they may have corrected that issue in part or whole, at least in Ray’s opinion.

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Quite surprised to see this on sale for Black Friday in the UK.

£2429 (rrp £2699)