New TRP EVO Drivetrain - 2023

Apparently todays is NDD (New Drivetrain Day) with TRP dropping their new stuff parallel to SRAM’s big release.

This night explain why I saw a discount on tr12 kit, which I didn’t even know existed

Wondering if the cassette spacing is the same as sram or shimano.

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I haven’t read the review yet, but the previous groupset used SRAM or Shimano cassettes so I’d imagine the smart money would be to keep the same standard.

I’m intrigued enough about the cassette. It’s a good weight at 380g, but no price is listed… Fits microspline, which means I won’t have to convert my freehub.

Kinda got weird spacing tho… the 10-11 is nice (I use my XC bike on gravel and with a tiny chainring find myself on the 10t a lot), but the 15-18 jump is pretty big and the 36-44 jump near the top is massive. They definitely emphasized tighter spacing in the middle of the cassette.

Ok, read the review. Says they have their own proprietary cable pull ratio.

Shifting sounds more like SRAM than Shimano with Levy’s KaChung description.

On cassette ratios. I wish a brand would give us a 12-52 (or whatever big cog) with smaller jumps in the middle of the cassette. I honestly think we’d have better bikes and faster drivetrains.

Pull ratio just means the ratio between the shifter and RD right, so that would mean you need their shifter and RD combo, but I wonder about the cassette spacing itself?

Indeed, shifter to derailleur could be unique while still using “standard” cog spacing. I have not found an answer but I’d guess it could be the same as existing stuff.

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That would make the most sense with what they did in the past and with not limiting your market.

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I hope so since they’re already using a KMC chain, would open up nice long term options for mechanical shifting fans once sram goes all electronic on their new groups. I’d prefer to keep my MTB mechanical since I go bikepacking and am too lazy to charge it.

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