New tire, more gains? Continental AERO 111

Continental just brought out a new tire. Is aero tires going to be a thing?

One (!) tire costs 120€.

I think it was GCN who spotted it at the tour some days ago.


Comes in a 29mm too :smiley:

Tour backed up these numbers, but used basically the same setup as SS

So, as I read that chart, you are gonna pay ~$250 for tires that are comparable to existing Conti tires, except at yaws that are unlikely to happen in real life?

Think I’ll save my money. :crazy_face:

ETA - it is a front tire only, so back down to ~$125.

Ronan has more details in the article below. Still seems to be of marginal benefit, at best.

Front wheel only - so it’s half the price :laughing:

ah you’d seen that.

It also reinforces something I saw ages ago, which suggested that the GP4000/5000 tyres were accidentally really good aero performers because of the swirly cutouts on the shoulders… which were probably intended to clear water but had an aero side-effect


Yeah, I had already edified my post after reading Ronan’s article.

Yeah wouldn’t you only get to 10+ degrees of yaw at very low riding speeds or absolutely brutal sustained crosswinds?

That said, if handling/grip/puncture protection are similar to the very-excellent GP5000 TR, why not? Spending an extra $30-40 is chump change compared to other supposed gains, and if it makes the bike less of a handful on a rare killer crosswind day it’s money well spent. I wouldn’t buy it as an upgrade but would consider it if replacing a worn out tire.

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Those look like they’d be….interesting….to corner hard on

Apparently the guy responsible for the tread pattern on the 5000 is someone who worked with aerodynamics for ages, so it might not be just coincidence.

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Mm, what about cornering / leaning the bike?

anywhere near the California coast or delta regions. Pretty sure it also like that along the North Sea in the Netherlands, Belgium, etc.