New SRAM Force AXS for 2023

I have never heard anyone here or elsewhere complain that the cranks and/or chainrings weren’t stiff enough. And in my experience, the previous-gen Force 1x cranks with power meter have worked well for me, no complaints.

Force is the second-highest tier and IMHO this means they should offer a power meter option that measures total power output from both legs. This is an unforced error.

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I agree with that! I think I did the same thing on my bars. In general, I hate how the Rival AXS cover barely covers the body; requires a lot of attention to ensure the tape doesn’t have any gaps.

I don’t mind the shape, though I also prefer the fatter Force AXS on my road bike. (I have larger hands / wear XL gloves, so I guess that’s not a surprise.)

Pretty sure @GPLama said you can do that…check his video review at the top of the thread.

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I watched his review this morning after breakfast while washing the dishes. Perhaps I missed it. I double-checked SRAM’s page because I wasn’t sure and didn’t see anything mentioned on there.

PS I have just skimmed through @gplama’s video and at around 4:10 he says that there is a “second power meter option in the spindle”. I took that to mean that the spindle-based power meter is also an option if you went 2x. (Indeed, a 2x crank with a spindle-based one-sided power meter is on sale on SRAM’s website.) I could be wrong, though, and Shane might have referred to a traditional Quarq DZero.

Go to 7:10 in the video…compatible with Quarq DZero.


Perfect, thanks, I indeed missed that. :+1:

Yeah it was kinda squirreled away in the “odd bits” section, not in the crank discussion section

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I edited my initial post above to reflect that.

It is weird/bad PR that SRAM does not make this explicit in their marketing material and their website. I think “We have added a cheaper power meter option.” is much better than making it appear as if they have axed Quarq DZero compatibility.


To summarize it seems like there are three options:

  1. Integrated ring/meter
  2. In-spindle left sided power (brought up from rival)
  3. Regular Quarq spider from last generation (still being sold for now) AXS Power Meter Spider | PM-AXS-SPDR-D1 | SRAM

The real problem is that most bikes will be stock with the integrated one so if they get used up or crashed on they still have to buy a new meter. SRAM is saying some pretty egregarious things about this on youtube: “We’re very confident that our AXS chainring durability far surpasses anything we’ve made before, enough years of riding that we would not consider it disposable at all. When it is finally worn, we do have a recycling program to take care of the electronics.”

But this is ignoring cases of damage from crashes.

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Has anyone seen if SRAM has the same offer for the new Force integrated power meter chainrings as they have with Red? 50% off of the price of a replacement would actually make the Force integrated PM a great deal imo. At a listed price of $410 for the Force power meter and rings, a replacement with this same offer basically covers the cost of high quality chainrings. Seeing as you only replace the unit when you need new chainrings anyway, this seems well worth it, right? Only downside I see is that there is always accuracy differences between two given power meters, but having a few watts difference between before and after the replacement is pretty trivial

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It says Red only here:

There is also this ‘recycling program’ which I think is all that applies to the new Force (10% off a new meter oof): Power Meter Recycling Program | SRAM


Yup, saw that page but don’t think it has been updated since the new Force release. The article about the new Force updates also mentions the 50% replacement discount, but say they aren’t sure if it will also be honored with Force. Guess we just wait for SRAM to update policy, but part of me thinks if this was the case they’d be marketing it a lot harder.

If it is indeed still valid, I think the integrated Force power meter/chainrings would be a great power option when building up a 2x AXS bike. Haven’t seen any actually available to buy yet, but $410 for cranks/power meter/ and chainrings is crazy cheap.

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but does that spider work with the new rival/force crank/ring designs? If so, I’m fine with adding an option for a integrated ring/powermeter combo. If not, it’s a super crappy move.

For me, it’s not about the cost of replacing the chainring/meter combo together. Chainrings last a long time. My objection is that I like to change gearing and swap between 1x and 2x and having multiple ring choices is really helpful (particularly with 1x). Chainrings are relatively cheap. ~$400 is pretty reasonable for a ring/meter combo, but not when compared to chainrings.

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You would just use the old Force AXS rings which I assume are compatible with the new FD’s because the new integrated Force crank/meter is just a hand-me-down from Red.

The integrated spider/rings without a meter are $275 so $125 extra for the meter isn’t too bad in that respect. I have a feeling SRAM won’t be offerning the 50% off for Force since the meter now costs about what the 50% off ended up being for Red ($881 originally).

Since they’ve undercut Red big time, I think we can expect to see something even more exotic for that crank, the long game here seems to be not even producting regular chainrings and every crank is a power meter by default. The obvious move is to integrate the arms/meter/rings into one. Will the market stomach that?

I’m a big SRAM fan but I’m not very excited about this move to more disposable bike parts. I would prefer they operated as the ‘anti-shimano’ and were more pro-consumer.


I’ve seen broken wheels, frames, hangers, pedals. I’ve seen plenty of superficial scrapes on cranksets, but I have never heard of a single person who broke their crank in a crash.

Maybe if you do a weekly destruction derby crit take a pass on the integrated option.

Not a crash but I’ve had a chainring get bent from bagagge handler “care.”

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For me the issue is that I like to change chainrings based on the course/use case for the bike. That combined with the desire for L/R power makes the Quarq the way to go. I’d be bummed if I bought a bike with any other PM solution.


Does anyone know the weight diff in the new integrated Force PM chainset vs the older Red integrated power chain set? its prob worth the price (~$400 vs ~$800)

I also had a horrible time setting up the FD for a year. It hasnt dropped as much since I learned to make adjustments, but its always in the back of my mind when I ride. I wonder if its worth it to buy the new FD just for this , if it really works and has eliminated chain drop issues.


I’m having an unexpected behavior on my new Force RD and I’m curious if it’s a problem or not. Essentially, about 20% of the time, the RD does a weird wiggle/twitch after shifting. I’m also not having super reliable shifting, and neither microadjust nor RD hanger seems to fix it. I suspect they’re related.

Here’s what it looks like:

RD Weirdness (

I found two Reddit threads from people reporting the same issue on Rival and old Force, but no noted resolution:
After months of waiting for parts, just installed this Sram Axs rear derailleur and it twitches when I shift. Is this fixable? : bikewrench (

Why is my SRAM AXS rear derailleur moving on its own ? : bikewrench (

Thoughts? @mcneese.chad perhaps?

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