New Rockr Plate - Gymrail Momentum X1 - InsideRide E-Flex Competitor

@dcrainmaker review - Gymrail Momentum X1 Smart Trainer Movement System In-Depth Review


I am trying to get time to consolidate my thoughts on this unit. Ray’s review builds on what I have covered in the couple of discussions we’ve had in the FB RP Group. I know not everyone likes or uses FP, so I’ll try to pool my thoughts here when I have more time.

It’s a very interesting unit that I appreciate for pushing the ideas here, but I think it falls short in a number of areas as well.

This is the apparent rep who has shared the Gymrail with our group. You can review all his posts within the group and our comments on those posts:

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Not on Facebook, so those links don’t help :rofl:

The movement patterns - the back end flapping around - doesn’t sound like any bike I’ve ridden, unless it is wet / muddy out. So it doesn’t sound like it will come anywhere close to mimicking real world riding.