New Keo Blade & X-Track Power Pedals

Still more expensive than Assioma MX pros… They better have a trick to justify the price. Assioma’s are pretty much the gold standard now.

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That @dcrainmaker character did a thing here: Look's New Road KEO Blade & SPD Power Meter Pedals: Hands-on!

The single Bluetooth channel feels a bit odd these days.


I scrolled through it randomly (to read later), and the first sentence I read was:

That’s gonna be an entertaining read …

PS I really appreciate that @dcrainmaker really tortures power meters and e. g. rides them through salt water. Everyone who has had a camera die on them because of salt water (:raised_hand:) knows how aggressive salt water is on electronics. Great job!


These do look (heh) promising. I’d like to hear more about how they perform as pedals, e.g. stack height and clip in/out functionality compared to the Assiomas. The Looks are available for purchase right now FWIW, Assiomas are “2 months” out per their site, and have historically been hard to find.

DCR seems to have had multiple issues (poor auto-zero performance, followed by total destruction following water immersion that Look says was within the expected use case for the pedals.) Not terribly promising, and I wonder how easy it would’ve been to get a new set for an average joe. Look sent engineers to DCR’s home, but guessing that may have had something to do with his being the leading blogger in the space, and may not be a service extended to all users!

Hope they sort them out, would love to get back on Look pedals


Assuming they can sort out the issues DCR experienced (and it seems to be something they can fix) they look like a great super light option. Hopefully they can iron out the issues and we will have another good competitor to the gold standard of Assioma.

I’m surprised they didn’t revise the price.