New Factor Ostro VAM or Specialized Tarmac SL8

Currently I ride a 2019 Trek Madone SLR 7 and thinking about upgrading to either the VAM or SL8. Any opinions on either bike? I’m leaning towards the VAM.

I’m not sure either of those bikes is an upgrade honestly. Perhaps you’ll save some weight but the difference in performance of these newer bikes isn’t going to be much over what you have today. That being said if you’re keen for a new bike anyway I’d go with the Factor, purely because it’s more interesting.


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Definitely not a huge upgrade but both bikes are 2lbs lighter than my Madone. It is more of an emotional desire to upgrade versus a logical reason. :rofl:


Both? Now that is a great idea. :+1:


Bicycle Station did a head to head with the SL8 and new Madone and while they liked the SL8 ‘feel’ the Madone was faster on the flat and the climbs. I have a SL8

The Bike Station comparison is very interesting. I wasn’t even considering the Madone, but maybe I should. It is interesting that it beat the SL8 on the climb and was also more comfortable. I really don’t like the ISO Flow notch on the Madone, but it is sort of growing on me.

I guess I should get all 3. :grin:

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And the final decision was neither. I went with the S-Works Tarmac SL7 on sale and added in the Roval Rapide Cockpit. Should be shipped out next week.