New bike fit issues with Kickr Core

Just took home a brand new Parlee Chebacco which I’m pumped to get out on the road. In the meantime I was looking at potentially setting it up on my Kickr Core for winter training, however, the rear through axel is 172mm if I’m reading the specs on it correctly and the max adapter with the Core is 148mm. My question is am I SOL on getting the bike on the trainer or is there a workaround/something I’m not doing correctly?


172mm is probably the overall length of your real axle.

The trainer, just like wheel hubs, is specified for the spacing from the outer part of the hub caps (that fit within the frame).

So, you are fine since the bike appears to be the standard 142mm frame and hub standard. Use the 142mm cups per the Wahoo manual, install them and then mount the bike using the same they axle, and you are all set.

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When it comes to through axles, there are two big standards: 142 mm and 148 mm. It is really unlikely that a new bike that isn’t a fat bike uses another standard. Road bikes should use 142 mm, so I think you should be fine.

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yes, even new downhill bikes with super boost “only” ave 157mm, so on your roadbike you will likely have 142.

The specs of the latest model:

DROP OUTS: Carbon (w/replaceable hanger) - Modular 142x12mm through axle or 135x9mm QR

This means you just pop in the 142 adapters on you kickr core and the width of the trainer will be right for your frame and you can pop in the axle from your bike

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Much appreciated on the feedback, all!

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FYI my Crux is 142mm but fits loose on the Core (the dropouts are a hair wider than the trainer), so don’t freak out if you have to fiddle with the bike to make it work. Once the axle is screwed in it’s all good.