New Bike Day on My Birthday Later This Month-How to Celebrate?

Hey all,
I will finally be getting my BMC Time Machine at the end of the month and on my birthday and I’m wondering what you all think is the best way to welcome a new child…bike to the family? What is your go-to ride when you get a fancy new friend?
I live in the Salt Lake area so have quite a few good options for a ride, from epic climbing days to flat routes to the west, and plenty of highly contested segments nearby. What type of ride do you do on new bike day? Cheers!
What should I do for my first ride on my birthday:

  • Long casual ride for fun
  • Big climbing day (Snowbird, for example)
  • Long flat route (it is an aero bike after all)
  • Nearby Strava segments
  • Just look at it and let the motivation build
  • Other?

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Unless you’re absolutely certain about your fit and equipment choices (especially saddle), I’d avoid a big effort. Likewise if this is literally the first ride for the new bike it may need some tweaking and tuning as you go (gears etc), you don’t want to aim for a big segment PR and have to stop. I’d pick a nice route that you really enjoy riding and makes you happy, and just enjoy the feel of a new bike - before you start hammering yourself into oblivion on it!


It’s my new team bike and all my fit and equipment choices were carried over from my old bike, so I know the fit and equipment will feel just fine. That’s a good point about adjusting things like gears though. Maybe a few good segments around me of varying length and type (hilly/flat/steep climb). I usually find most problems manifest themselves when you are really pushing instead of noodling. Good idea :slight_smile:

When I get a new bike a do a ride that is specifically about adjustments. Tools in pocket, ride, stop, adjust, ride, stop, adjust, etc.

Also, it’s tradition to ride your age in miles on your birthday. Have fun!


Oh yeah, forgot about the age/miles thing. Well, guess I need to plan on that (with tools, of course).

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