New 2022 Santa Cruz Blur

Is it just me or most of the XC Bikes Blurrrrring into one?

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If the next generation Scott Spark RC is the same with the inline shock/single pivot then we know there’s a deep conspiracy!

If the rear shock has the same eye to eye then, no, it won’t have a bearing. But if the shock is 5mm longer to accommodate the extra 5mm of stroke then, yes, it will affect geometry. As the reach and stack shortens and lowers on the TR models, I am leaning towards the shock also being longer eye to eye on this bike.

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Looks like a Rocky Mountain Element with a flex stay and no ride 9 chip…

…and if you squint hard enough, it looks like a session…



Wondering when this will drop. Can’t wait to see how people react to the shock hidden in the frame.

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RM has a Horst Link and Trek has their signature pivot right on the rear axle.

Yes, I know this, which is why I said “with a flex stay” because the RM doesn’t have a flex stay. And the reference to a Trek Session is a pop-culture reference to DH bikes all looking like a Session.


You’re right, the geometry change is from the fork travel alone. The eye to eye doesn’t change, it’s just the stroke so no effect to geometry there.

All these new shorter travel bikes are just accommodating travel change via a simple stroke reduction, a change of eye to eye would require a different linkage as well as an entirely different shock. (Based on a bike designed like this at least). This bike takes a 190 x 40/45, there are no 195mm eye to eye shocks. A small thing for a suspension nerd: Kudos to SC for going back to off the shelf shock sizing, the previous Blur used a pita proprietary shock size. This change alone hints to a better riding version as the previous gen used a super short stroke to eek out the 100mm.

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Well after looking over the Geo chart and checking out the pics I have decided that I will not be purchasing one of these blurs. I will also state that this is because I am poor, not because I don’t want the bike.


Been thinking about picking up a Blur (non TR), does anyone know the differences between the Carbon C and CC? I know mainly it’s weight but how much, and also, anything different with the linkage (alum vs carbon bracket) or rear triangle?

I don’t have a link to the data, but when I purchased mine, the LBS told me that everything is the same except the carbon fiber used. Same molds, linkages, etc. The weight difference at the time was between 150 and 200 grams.

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It’s just the weight. I’ve heard between 150 and 200 and between 250 and 300 grams… some of it is paint (there non matte adds 50 grams) and some of it might be size…

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