Neverending knee pain/quitting cycling

What exactly was the physio you were doing out of curiosity?

The link you posted doesn’t appear to be working any longer. Does anyone have a copy of the document?

Has anyone with knee pain had PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy? I had severe pain in my right knee back in 2016 or so. The knee was absolutely fine, then one day using the leg press intense pain. No apparent injury just pain, out of the blue, and I had never had problems with my right knee previously. After a couple weeks of dealing with this pain I decided to rest it completely for three months, no weights, and only easy riding when I got the occasional chance to pedal.

Three months later my first leg workout was okay and I kept the weights low, but my knee hurt again during the second one a few days later even with lower weight. As a Hail Mary I then had PRP done, took months off again, and it has been fine ever since. Not once has it bothered me.

Maybe I needed the extra time off and that would have done the trick without PRP, but I don’t know. Given that my leg workouts are more strenuous today than they were before the pain in 2016 and the knee has been fine, my guess is that PRP did whatever was needed for the knee to heal properly (it significantly reduces inflammation while allowing healing - though that’s weird since inflammation is part of the healing process).

I also had PRP on my shoulder at the end of August (the shoulder issue had been ongoing since around 2000 and I never did anything for it besides long periods of rest). After doing bench presses for a couple months in spring/summer 2023 the pain came back and I could not do a single push-up in mid-August. While my shoulder is not 100%, since November I’ve been able to do sets of 15-20 push-ups, though I will have some mild pain so I have to be careful. I am also doing PT for the shoulder.

Insurance is unlikely to cover PRP but I am glad I had it done.

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