Need an extra Elite wired cadence sensor

I don’t know where the heck to ask people about the Elite wired cadence sensor, but this seems as good or better than any other option.

I need a second unit so I can leave them strapped on to the two bikes I swap on the trainer. The ERG actuation is much, much better on the Drivo when the wired sensor is plugged in.

The trouble is that I can only find them on Elite’s Italian site and the shipping jacks the price way up. Does anyone know where to buy one in the US or do any of you have one you are not using, that I can buy?

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Try the US Elite distributor.

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Any luck? I’ve wondered if this would help improve ERG on my Direto. It has the input port for the Drivo’s cadence sensor, but is not shipped with one.

No replies yet. Backcountry would not source one.

Ok. I might try clever training.

edit: They are going to see what they can do and get back to me. I’ll let you know.