My Fitness Pal Alternative?

Macro Factor is a great one. Reminds me of TR since it’s adaptive.

You absolutely can do that.

Cronometer is excellent or pay for MFP premium with all the features for a few dollars a month.

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Same here. Been using free version of MFP off and on for years and does what I need. I just like to get a check every now and then on calorie intake.

“Quick Add” gives you the ability to add by grams Fat, carbs & protein (or just one or two) - it’ll even estimate calories. Or you can quick add the calories alone.

I use it often enough for it to be one I don’t mind paying for. About the only thing I wish it did, but doesn’t, is the ability to “save as” make a copy of a recipe (so I can tweak rather than overwrite/ change). I find the recipe and meal functions very useful though.

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Did you upgrade to premium previously and they will not let you down grade now? Did you try login in with a browser? The same? Mobile? Did you purge the app data before reinstall? On android I just delete the app folder after uninstall but believe you need to jump a few more hurdle for the fruit (apple free since 1989ish!).

I been using the free version since 2011 and it’s still free as of this morning when I enter my break fast. They been moving functionality to the pay version since the Under Armor acquisition but for the most part I haven’t missed them.

I’ve been playing with LoseIt the last couple days. Anyone know why the calorie count from Garmin integration is off? If I do a 1 hour ride and Garmin says I burnt 600 calories, and then ships that ride to LoseIt, why does LoseIt then say 250 calories (not real numbers, just an example)

They are registering “active” as opposed to “total”? MFP default to “total” and I haven’t found a way to change it or zero “resting”. It’s an annoyance that I have to manually change it to total kj in MFP.

Does it have a “Calories to go”?I am not sure how the Garmin works, but with my Apple Watch I have a Projected burn, Target burn , and Calories to go. Even if I burn 600 calories on a ride if I have not reached my projected burn I do not earn any bonus calories.

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It does have that, but I don’t think that’s the issue. I could be wrong. What I don’t get is that is shows 600 calories in Garmin, but the exact same ride, ported over from Garmin, will show significantly different calories in LoseIt.