Muscle Fiber Composition, Pro Cyclist Data, Crashing and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 316

We weren’t allowed fluffernutter sandwiches as kids, too expensive and too much sugar, so they were obviously the holy grail of sandwiches and we’d eat them every opportunity we got :laughing:


Thanks for clarifying Ivy :pray::slightly_smiling_face:

Indeed, hypertrophy training vs strength training makes it all click!

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I had to google what a fluffernutter was. Then I had to google what marshmallow creme was.
This is bigger news than the cheese spray!


They are wonderful to eat during an event. I had them with fresh blueberries in the middle and still salivate thinking about it.

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Just dropping back here to say I’d LOVE to hear the answer to the question @Nate_Pearson raised during this podcast because I wonder it almost every day: If I consume a lot of carbs during my workout (e.g., 60-90g carbs/hour), should I still then have a recovery shake at the immediately after the workout with BOTH carbs and protein, or is ONLY protein (and water) enough, given so many carbs have been consumed in during the workout anyway? Anyone got any data on this?


@Jonathan in this podcast you again talk about having used a polarized plan in your prep for nationals and being very satisfied with it. In other AT and/or polarized threads there has been reference to you using a polarized plan andalso being emphatically pleased with how AT works for you.

Can you give us the steps by which you are able to both set a polarized plan in PB, and manage it through the AT process? User posts I’ve read about how to do that are hard to follow (for this bear of very little brain) or seem to imply that AT tries to morph the plan away from a polarized approach and back to a more standard plan. Thanks!

This is what Ivy shared, on how to apply POL within PB after getting an initial plan applied to your calendar. Maybe you have seen it, but worth a look if not:

Thanks, @mcneese.chad. Somehow I missed finding that. I have general build LV starting Aug 2, so I’ll try this approach and swap out the polarized LV plan for it. Maybe by then all the Garmin outdoor workout and PL change bugs will have been exterminated and life will roll merrily forward. One can always have hope! :slight_smile:

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From a relative outsiders perspective, is holding MTB Nationals at such an elevation really “fair” on the majority of racers? Sure the pros can choose to live at elevation or take 3-4 weeks to live high and get acclimatized, but the vast majority of amateurs can’t do that, and they live at sea level or lower elevations.
I know it does move locations, but it seems like USAC actively seek out elevation for mountain bike nationals.

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On Jonathan and POL with AT: simply realize that Jonathan has access to internal only functionality that TR is developing. This isn’t the first time that an internal only functionality has been mentioned during a podcast episode, and it won’t be the last. This doesn’t contradict what TR has said about externally available (defined as available to anyone outside of TR) functionality.

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I do find it to be unfair. High elevation venues are also typically expensive resort towns, so physical and financial access is being substantially limited.

Since 2014 MTB National Championships (not Marathon MTB) have been held at resort towns above 5,000’, with 66% of those championships being above 8,000’.

Although I believe I experience relative benefit at elevation (doesn’t seem to affect me as much as others), I really want to see this change.


@chad You mentioned that you like the SIS gels but you can’t be carrying enough of them to get all the carbs you might need for Cape Epic. Well they just release some Beta Fuel Gels that have 40g of carbs each (instead of 20 for the regular ones). I can’t comment on the flavor or texture but are probably worth a try!

Fantastic, @mwglow15 ! I’ll definitely give it a shot. Thanks for the heads-up.

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@Nate_Pearson @Jonathan
Very entertaining pod. thanks
Heard you considering getting muscle biopsies on the pod.
I listened to this other pod where they discussed a non-invasive muscle “biopsy” approach. Not generally available, but Nate seems to fly to various places, so maybe he can fit this stop in.

Helpful quote “more recently using magnetic resonance spectroscopy to non-invasively assess muscle fibre typology”
thanks Peter

The two studies Chad linked to above regarding muscle typology and recovery and overtraining used this method.

May not provide as much total information as biopsies but would surely give a good idea of whether Jonathan has a higher proportion of fast twitch than the rest of you guys.

Looks like the MR method is detecting carnosine to measure fast twitch fibres though so would be interesting to see how much effect Beta Alanine supplementation has on its correlation with biopsies. Maybe this combined with your recent training profile Nate has you ahead of Jonathan in the fast twitch stakes.