MTB shoes compatible with Speedplay Frog pedals?

Hi all - What MTB shoes have people used with Speedplay Frog pedals that don’t require the shoe lug to be trimmed for the cleat to sit correctly.

I’ve reached out to Wahoo/Speedplay and they don’t have an updated shoe compatibility guide - pointed me to one from 2010 but I’m hoping for a more recent opinion. Thanks in advance!

Since I went to flats full time in 2014 - how time flies - my beloved Frogs have been idle. I was able to find shoes that worked even if a little bit of Dremel work was needed. Specialized seemed to work over the years. If you take the cleats to a local shop you can probably get a sense if the brands they carry are compatible.

I haven’t had any issues with Shimano, Fizik, NW, or Spec shoes. I’d assume they fit first, then work from there.