MTB: shimano levers (bl-m4100) with sq-lab inner bar-ends

Hi folks, I’m a big fan of the sq-lab inner bar ends, great for me my back on long marathon style mtb rides. I run them a bit more forward than designed, so they feel a bit more like hoods on my gravel bike, the forward lean allows me to actually ride quite aggressive on them.

The other thing I like is shimano brakes. I basically cant run the levers in this setup, the master cylinder conflicts with my thumb when using the bar ends. I can run the levers lower, but I ride quite steep terrain, and like them a little flatter.

For this reason, I got maguras. They are cheap, work good with the bar ends, powerfull. Unfortunately, I hate the levers construction, and the bleeding is terrible. Sram levers work, but I have so many bikes with shimano 4 pistons, its a lot easier to stay there for pad/bleed compatibility.

I just noticed the BR-m4120, which uses non-servo wave, long touring style levers. I am thinking this would allow me to to run the lever about 1.5" further inboard, allowing my thumb the clear the master cylinder. Does anyone have any experience with these? on the plus side, they are cheap.

Pinkbike reviewed them well, more curios if there are any other innerbar end users on here with thoughts.