Mtb knee/elbow protection

Any recommendations for the “cheapest as possible while still being useful” pads for the knees and elbows?
The usual places (wiggle etc) have a few but I only go off road a handful of times a year so want to keep the outlay as low as possible. I was thinking of a cheapish set off Amazon but then again I have slight safety and quality concerns with the unknown there, unless anyone’s used some and can vouch for their quality?

It will likely be about comfort and longevity regarding cheaper models. They all probably provide about the same protection, but the “higher” end stuff feels better, breathes, stays in place on your body and will last.

Really cheap pads aren’t worth having because they slide around and don’t protect you when you need them to.

If you’re a small rider, you can get small sizes on clearance, but other than that, it’s not some place where you should be trying to save money, IMHO.

Understandable. Unfortunately I’m not blessed with a high w/kg :cry:

So i was browsing around since I haven’t shopped for pads in awhile.

I’m currently using Fox Launch elbows and knees for bike park duty (a bit pricey), and their older style enduro pads for enduro days. I ride without pads for most trail rides.

For better value, take a look at Sixsixone. They seem to have some new stuff that’s pretty affordable, under $100 for a full set of elbows and knees. I’ve had good luck with their products in the past and have used them on/off since 2000.

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