Mt Hale -1: How is +15w "only slightly above threshold"? 😂

Chad you’re takin’ the p*ss. :joy:


The goal of these workouts is to extend high power over greater durations.

By riding only slightly above your current FTP,

you’ll become accustomed - both physically and mentally - to a workload just beyond your current sustainable reach.

These intervals are also an ideal time to begin bridging the gap between power in an upright riding position and power in an aerodynamic position.

Chad thinks your current FTP is 350w, 4% could be defined as slight :wink:

Is 105% not slightly above?

Tell my legs that. :joy:


You should be able to hold 105% for at least a 20 minute interval

I don’t know what the rep lengths are on Mt Hale, but I am with others. If you can’t hold 105% for ~10-15 min reps, you are either too fatigued to do a threshold workout, or your ftp is too high.

What are those, 4x12 or 4x15 minutes at 105%? When is your event? Seems like a savage workout for pre-season. Kinda interesting given that I’ve heard TR podcast discouraging 20-min at ~105% field test and “capacitive testing.”

Outdoors yes, I think indoors might be a stretch.

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That’s just the 20 mins FTP test. If you derive ftp from that; you know you can do it, even if hard.

4x9. I know I’m soft. Have an A race April 19th so it’s gearing up. The worst thing is no matter how many workouts I rate as “Very Hard” AT keeps increasing intensity. Next week I have 6x7min @ 105% with 2 min recovery. Not looking forward to that. lol

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I’m familiar with an FTP test. Not something I want to do with any kind of regularity…


I’m old and feeble LOL and prefer working up from 3x5-min to 4x5 and then jumping up quickly to x10 or x15. That 4x9 doesn’t sound so bad, outside.

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Yeah, this idea has come up a couple times recently, and my understanding of it is that you can do a 20 minute effort at 105, but that completely empties the tank. My arms tingle near the end of ftp tests sometimes. I don’t think I should be going that hard during normal workouts.

Holding 105 for 20 minutes also assumes you can mentally hold that effort the whole time - not an easy task if you’re unaccustomed to that sort of suffering.

It’s been shown that’s usually a central limiter rather than physiological and that the tank isn’t really emptied.

If a person can’t manage 4 x 9 mins at 105% of FTP it suggests perhaps that the FTP is inflated above a person’s true threshold.

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I didn’t have any issues finishing it. And as I alluded to earlier, indoor efforts for me (and most people) are harder than outdoor.

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I’m with you on inside vs outside for these type of efforts. Not too long ago I had various 10 minute efforts with the last being “aim for where you think your 20-30 minute TT pace would be” and started 900kJ into the workout. Was feeling good so I turned that 10-min interval into 106% for a little over 20 minutes. Didn’t fully empty the tank. Didn’t do an all-out 20-min effort. Did end up with a smile on my face. Did get a coach comment that he secretly happy and mad at the same time.