Moving to Fort Myers, FL

Hi everyone, The family and I are moving to the great state of Florida. Does anyone know of a good group ride in the Fort Myer area? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Onto a training topic…Although I look forward to to the move, I have to admit the stress of moving is wrecking my training. Any suggestion on how to stay consistent when the stress is high and the motivation is low? Thanks everyone, I read the forum everyday and always enjoy the banter and good advice.

@Majoeric can probably answer re: group rides since he is int he area, I believe…I know when we used to go Sanibel for Spring Break, I would stay on the island the whole week because the roads that were right off Sanibel were not really conducive to riding, IMO. I do, however, recall googling group rides int eh area and finding some, they just weren’t too close to Sanibel to amke it feasible for me.

As for the moving stress, listen to your body. If training is just adding stress, don’t sweat it…you’ll get back to it soon enough. Just roll with the punches and manage your overall life stress, don’t let training add to it.

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Thanks @Power13 , I have to admit stress is high right now but I know it will pass as soon as we get settled and the kids in school but it is still having it’s impact and I fell unmotivated and plain old tired.

At the same time, I don’t want to lose the fitness that I have been working on all winter and summer. I am just 2W from my all-time FTP high! I am not sure how to proceed to hang on to as much fitness as possible. Lots of Z2? unstructured rides soul Rides?

I rode with the Naples Velo club a couple times while on vacation in Bonita Springs (immediately south of Ft. Myers). Https:// The rides I did started in northern Naples and went north to Ft. Myers but I know that they have other rides as well. From what I’ve seen riding with them and from their social media feed, this might be one of the best run cycling clubs in the US (seriously). Not sure if they have rides starting in Fort Myers but I’m sure if you contacted the club they’d know what’s going on in Ft. Myers.


I think you just need to accept that you are going to lose some of that fitness…but in the long run, it is no big deal. You’ll get it back and an extended rest period could be what you need to allow your body to recover to the next level.

Personally, I would do they type of riding that I found got me on the bike…so if lots of Z2 gets you on the bike, do that. If the occasional shirt, intense session on the trainer works, do that.

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@STP thanks for the suggestion, they’re only 45mins away which is doable and I check to see if there is anything in the immediate area as well.

You can check fort myers cycling shop or Jra bike shop. I live in Florida but not that area. I don’t know much about the roadie scene but I’m sure those places will point you in the right direction. Also if you’re into gravel or mtb a few good sites are for some gravel and mtb events and also Florida gravel biking hosts group rides all around florida. They are a no drop ride but they’re fun to join and a good way to see new spots.
As far as fitness I would expect to lose a little bit depending on the length and time of your move. If you can try get some solid endurance rides in and threshold/ vo2 workouts once or twice a week will also help.

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Thanks @Foodpedaling , I will check those out. As far as the fitness goes, I’ll do my best but between work, kids, moving, I might have to admit that losing a little fitness isn’t all that bad and I know I will back right back to it when were done with the move. Thanks.


I did a similar move back in June (to TX). I had done several cross-town moves in the past, but was really not prepared for the stress of a cross country move. Its completely worth it but the short term pain is pretty bad. :slight_smile: Prioritize the move/family and put training on hold.

When I had the energy and time to ride, I made sure it was just easy Z2 stuff. The rides I did were strictly for fun and as a break from the stressors of moving. I did lose somewhere around 20-30w off my FTP, but as of today I am getting back into a regular training pattern.

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Seconded reaching out to Naples velo. I went to high school and college in SWFL and would visit my folks on break in college and ride with them. There was basically a group ride everyday of the week IIRC starting around 6am in the summer. Saturdays went to Fort Myers Beach and back. There was also an “Hour of Power” ride which was my favorite which was basically a crit race in a quiet sub-division. Very good times.

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Greetings… I live in southern lee county and ride in the SWFL area. Depending on your fitness, I’m confident you can find riders and groups with similar levels. There is a group ride almost everyday between the clubs in fort myers, cape
Coral, and Naples.

Send me a PM and I can get you setup!



Hi @Majoeric I sent over a quick message. Thanks.

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Thanks @plindley , I have looked at their website and I am impressed, they look like they have a group ride everyday of the week. I am Really looking to join a few of these group rides. Thanks.

Hi @Torgo , I am doing the cross country move going from Indianapolis to Fort Myers. Got to say I am looking forward to getting there but it’s the getting there part. I agree short term it’s no fun but moving to Fort Myers will be worth it. Thanks.