Motor pacing. Is it even a thing anymore?

Do people still do this or would you just smash it on a turbo ? Seems like a turbo would be much safer and you can sill hit mph or power targets

Pros definitely still do it and probably for good reason. Doesn’t seem worth it to the rest of us.

I had no idea what it was until it was mentioned in the TR Podcast. Then, two days later, I actually saw a local rider doing it.

Absolutely. So good for so many reasons.

Such as?

I’ve never motorpaced once in my life but done just fine in plenty of 30+ mph crits, so I guess I don’t see what motorpacing offers that can’t be accomplished in other ways that can be done solo or on a group ride with like-minded people.

The question was: "do people still do this or just smash it on a turbo?"

Motor pacing simulates the variable nature of racing (coasting to high power acceleration). A Neuromuscular component to higher leg speed under this variability is what motor pacing helps.

You can get the same effect by racing but, the question was again “do people still do this or just smash it on a turbo?” In that context, while you can produce the same power on a turbo or solo, it’s hard to get that neuromuscular speed component like when you race 30+mph or motor pacing.

I was just answering the OP’s question.

We talked about motorpacing on the podcast not too long ago! Check it out here:

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Also a great listen here. Around 7-8 minutes in…

Fair enough. I think motorpacing would be fun but don’t know anyone with an appropriate scooter, much less the patience to ride it in front of me for miles on end, so here I am.

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Yep. I’m super lucky to have a cycling buddy with a scooter who lives a few minutes away on a loop with little traffic/good roads.

Although it’s been a while since I raced, our team used to motor pace a few times every season especially before upcoming crits. As our scooter (which had a roller on rear fender) would travel approx 30 mph, we’d take turns “attacking” and staying our front as long as we could, and we had to be able to get back into our pace-line afterwards and recover. It was very intense, but helped us in the end…