Moab Rocks Mountain Bike Stage Race

Has anyone done the Moab Rocks MTB stage race?
Moab Rocks
If so what was it like? How was the event setup and format?

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Hey, just did it two weeks ago.

Was a mass start each each day (first day is a police escort through town). Riders self seed, which wasn’t too bad for the most part. Each day started with a gravel/fire road which helped riders end up where they should be before the single track started. As for how ‘hard’ the single track was, it was probably more technical than most XC racers are used to, especially the first day (based on how many people I saw walking their bikes on features).

I thought the event was pretty well organized. Always a good time at the finish line and the daily award ceremony was pretty good.

Trail marking was generally pretty good. I only got off the trail once where I thought they should’ve marked it a bit better.

Not sure what else you’re looking for, but happy to answer any specific questions you might have.


You can also check the YouTubers Syd and Macky who just posted their vids on their races at Moab Rocks to get a general idea on what the courses are like.