Missing Metrics Ruin Peloton Experience

Peloton started out as a consumer-savvy startup. Now it’s a bloated behemoth that acts like any other beast in the marketplace: it’s all about false narratives and the stock price. Quality control and customer service are gone.

The user interface for this bike is extremely poor. You can’t even save your preferences – we were doing that 20 years ago.

The most important practical feature on the bike – the “metrics” – are missing for most of the rides. These are what let you know the instructor’s recommended pace, so without them, you don’t now what to do.

When I complained about the UI and the metrics, Peloton gave me a wide variety of stories: “we’re working on it” – or “those metrics don’t work before May 2019” – but the actual problem is that when you search for a class, you generally get one without metrics. That problem could have been fixed with a simple filter option. But no…

The bike is expensive, folks, and the classes are always early in the a.m., especially if you live in the West. I haven’t attended a live class in 8 months. The stored classes lack metrics. Oh well.

Find an alternative!

I imagine most people on this forum do have an alternative … that’s why they’re here…