Mineral Spirits in Spanish

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I want to wax my chain following Jonathan’s instructions. However (and sorry for the dumb question) what is a mineral spirit? what would be the Spanish translation? “disolvente”?


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Had a similar question, as well as if it’s something we can even get in the EU-I’m in Spain

When translating to Dutch it would be “terpentine” or “wasbenzine” which would be “terpentina” and “detergente para ropa” in Spanish if my Google skills are correct.

But for a really good cleaning of the chain any good degreaser should work.

ZFC is now recommending UFO Clean as the go to if you can’t get mineral spirits - that should be available everywhere if you’re having issues with supply of the harsher chemicals

I believe it’s called white spirit or aguarrás mineral (as oposite to just aguarrás or trementina which is turpentine)


As said above

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Thank you all!