Metrics varying between Strava and TR

Hi all

Following my most recent race, I’ve noticed some bizarre variation between TR and Strava.

I’m not new to Strava’s weird algorithms and calculations, but now that I’m using a power meter, I’m a bit baffled. Here are the stats for this race:

TR Kj - 647
Strava Cal - 1486

The elevation is also noticeably different but I can live with that. Why is Strava and TR so different with regards to calories? Shouldn’t they both just be taking the raw power data from my Wahoo and not fiddling with it?

EDIT: its worth noting that avg power was reported as follows, TR - 150, Strava - 155 so not so different as to explain the massive difference in calories

You got them linked?

My Garmin, Strava and TR accounts all seem to get the same values.

Yeah, TR pulls the data from Strava