Metabolic testing

What actionables/takeaways can be expected from metabolic testing? Anyone here done this type of testing? Just saw it offered as a service near me. Curious what is actually coming out of a service like this.

Here’s a link to an offering of at nearby place:

I don’t know what costs are like where you are but that looks expensive to me.

I did resting metabolic rate and then later VO2 max and lactate testing with a local sports performance person.

RMR is aimed at lot at weight loss, people tend to over estimate how much they need to consume calorie wise, from an athlete point of view this is important too.

The VO2 max test gives you your training zones mapped to you hr and with lactate tested ever few minutes you can clearly see where your threshold and lactate turn points are and calorific consumption in each zone. You then have a clearer breakdown of all your zone data when you set it in your cycling computer.
You should also get a report explaining the data, mine was a summarised as “whatever you are doing is clearly working so keep doing it” - scientific proof that TR works!


After hearing Steve Neal on the Flo podcast, I am looking at doing this too. Found this place in my area:

The graph on that page is a good visual of what you should attain from such a test. I am keen to hear more form people who have done Metabolic Efficiency Testing.

@Smurf You didn’t mention if you found out your fat burning wattage/heart rate. Didn’t test for that?

Ref: Faster - Podcast by FLO - Episode 27: Finding Your Athletic Potential With Steve Neal - YouTube

I tested for zones but not the carb/fat burning, I think it’s based on gas analysis
The person I went to didn’t offer that but it would be really useful for training mostly

Yes. Hence my interest.

Velonews podcast from last week is all about testing, maybe worth a listen.

I did a resting metabolic and a VO2max test in 2018. Both gas exchange…The main actionable data was 1) Fat/carb consumption ratio throughout my HR spectrum; 2) Associated HR zones and; 3) BMR

Holy thread resurrection Batman.

I had metabolic testing done(gas exchange) recently, and was given training advice based on this as well. The Fat/carb ratios were surprising to me, but did not play a large role in the takeaways in general. This was based on my goals for the season.

I would like to repeat the test when in peak form, compared to this, which was in the offseason.