Meals size and timing

Then did you make up the remaining 600 calories after the session? And if so, was 600 calories enough or did you feel hungry before lunch?

Sorry, missed that bit.

The “missing” calories would not normally be made up, with no noticeable negative effects.

Remainder of the day would be high quality CHO, proteins and fats (not too fussed about ratios and all that), eating slowly to satiety. I’m fortunate in that I love “healthy” food, so it’s very easy to avoid processed rubbish.

Thanks for this. Need to read in more detail, but Froome’s data seems a bit weird. 3700kJ burnt, ate only 2500cal? Then there is his BMR. That would be a huge deficit.

Regarding the carb levels, makes sense. On hard efforts I now take in a lot of carbs and my performance has improved measureably. I eat fairly lean, so probably I also take in a lot of carbs outside of that too. Also, I eat a ton of veg, and fruit, and this would add on top of that. The spike off fruit is not the same as eating some haribo. Was even shown that eating blueberries with say candy, even though you are eating technically more sugar, less is actually absorbed (different rates) due to the fruit. Need to find the reference on that. Point I am trying to get to is periodising is the way to go, but going super hungry is also not the way to go imo.

My recollection is that the plan was for Froome to lose weight in the first week of the tour, so when the big stages in week 3 came round, he could carb up and optimise his power / weight ratio.

Worked out pretty well!

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This made me laugh though, I assume it is Haribo Cherry, but I had the image of a big bag haribo and a lonely cherry on the side for nutrition solely

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Chiming in as I’ve started the thread and it got bumped up:

Coming from someone that usually averages 1000+ tss a week / 20h of training, I’ve found that I’ve been really overdoing carbs and I try to keep high carb foods (rice, oats, pasta) just around training and swap them out for beans (a bit less carby) when not needed, especially on rest days.
I eat very clean though, and A LOT of veggies and fruit.

Also I’ve been experimenting with slightly more proteic snacks on the bike for long rides (usually for the last 1h of zone 2 work), anyone got some insights on that?

So far it has worked well to lose those last % of bf (scale says 13% at 69kg, skinfold said 5% at 70kg but it’s obviously underestimated)

About the usual “ride to early how to have breakfast” argument, I’ve been experimenting with Enervit Pre-sport (which is basically a jello with slow releasing carbs) and it works well.
I use it when I have to big days back to back (like 5h+6h)

Also, I’ve stopped tracking calories because it really didn’t work for me during the lockdown. High volume low calorie density is the way to go, having to track stuff and see numbers really stresses me out.

I think that unless you’re going full gas, proteins and fats during a ride are good for keeping away hunger, and could possibly make the carbs you’re eating digest more slowly and evenly during your ride.

For instance, I find that…


= no more hunger.

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Soreen… damn that used to be a staple, or fig rolls.

But that combination would guarantee me gut rot.

Protein + Carbs = :heavy_check_mark:

Protein + Fat = :heavy_check_mark:

Protein + Fat + Carbs = :heavy_multiplication_x:

We’re all n = 1