Mammoth Mountain Bike Park

I’m after some advice from my friends across the pond :smile:

Somehow I managed to persuade the wife that Mamouth Lakes is a great place for a family holiday this August. (It must be because they enjoyed my reocmendation of Moab a few years ago :wink:)

Anyway, the request for advice.
I’m a long time XC MTB’er and have a couple of questions in advance of the trip;

  • I can use the park map and ride the XC trails but doesn anyone have any advice on the best XC trails. (I will be doing Kamikaze just because…)

  • Any recomendations for place to hire a bike?

  • Is XC in the USA same as UK. Over here I ride a carbon hardtail (100mm up front), would I be better on a full sus in Mamouth

On the remote chance anyone is there 3rd week August I’d be up for an early morning ride. :+1:

Thanks in advance.

Mammoth is pretty fun place to ride. Lot of varied options at the bike park. Most of the “lower” trails would work as XC but there are still a few that you can reach from mid-mountain or off the back side off the top if you take the gondola. Also some “off-mountain” trails like Rock Creek which is close to Crowley Lake that you can look into.

They rent bikes in the village, at the main lodge/bike park area, as well as some spots in town like at Footloose. Just depends on what you’re looking for or if any specific brands.

You can probably ride a large amount of mammoth with a hardtail-- but if you intend to ride any of the more downhill oriented trails, FS would probably be a better option.

FYI, very “unique” to ride up there with the pumice/kitty litter. Also, pretty high elevation so may take a bit to get used to it depending on where you are currently.

Also, lots of hiking/fishing/etc. to check out w/ the family. Depending on how long you have, also may be worth a day trip to Yosemite-- just would need to look into the potential permits again this year due to Covid.

Yosemite is fantastic to visit, not sure what its like these days because of COVID. From the California Central Valley we like driving up Hwy 108 to Sonora Pass but its a long drive from Mammoth and Columns of the Giants is nice but you’ve got Devil’s Postpile just outside Mammoth.

This is relatively close and on my bucket list:

That time of year it is HOT and your family would need to deliver water and then go look at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine forest. I’ve thought about doing that and getting picked up at the top.

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Awesome, thanks for the tips. I’m not after any specific brands and will likely get a FS to give me a bit more flexibility. To be honest I’m just want to experience the park with some nice rides, I’m not going to hammer (especially coming from sea level)

We’ve got a week planned in Mamouth, lots of outdoor activities with the family. We’ll be stopping of in Yosemtite on our way back to San Francisco.

Thanks again :+1:

Bare in mind that you have to buy a lift ticket to use even the XC trails there. And yes, I have been stopped and checked (crazy I know). So you are paying for the lift if you use it or not.

I have ridden Snow Summit and hit the biggest jumps there on my XC hardtail, doesn’t make it fun. I would recommend at least a FS, but better yet a trail bike. Consider renting a full DH bike and really enjoying the lift too for a day.

As McDougall said, the kitty liter might not be something you are used to. Some people will talk about hot crappy Mammoth and North Star are because they are expecting tons of traction and can’t adjust their riding for a totally different style of riding. Mammoth is NOT Whistler.

For my style of riding, I take my long travel bike and hit as much double black and red as I can. My XC bike stays home. My GF and I have also done some running up there and around Bishop (we also run ultra), lots of great trails for hiking/running.

Awesome tips, thanks for your reply.

I’ll stick to XC trails though, as I’m on holiday with the family I can’t afford to come back to our rental in piece’s :laughing:

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