Maintain cycle fitness while focusing on running

Next year Im doing a few trail ultra marathons. My training will be centered around these events but I’d like to try and maintain as much fitness on the bike and hopefully supplement my running training with the extra aerobic work.
I can structure in one long ride and one shorter ride each week which could be sweet spot or threshold. Would this be enough to maintain cycle fitness.

Thats basically what I’m doing. We’ll see how it works out.

I think it depends on the individual and what works for you. I can get away with relatively few rides and maintain a reasonable FTP. Doesn’t work for everyone.

I prioritised running when training for my marathon. If there was an opportunity for a ride (outdoors or indoors), intensity and duration would be tweaked with a view to ensuring that it didn’t impact on my ability to get adaptations from the running. Closer to the event, I cut out riding altogether.

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