Low Altitude HIIT Block

I currently live in Albuquerque, NM (roughly 5500 ft.) and will be traveling to sea level for a few days. I am in the middle of a base block after the first race of the season and want to take advantage of the low altitude to get some high quality intensity in (hopefully at power numbers I usually can’t hit). I planned to replace the prescribed sweetspot/endurance rides with the following…
day 1 - Vo2 5x5 (Mindego)
day 2 - Threshold 3x17 (Mumpu)
day 3 - Sprint 7x20 (Shasta)
I am thinking of maximizing the quality of each day based on how the prior day will affect me.
I would love to hear any alternate ideas our there.
@Jonathan @Nate_Pearson @ambermalika