Lotoja Podium From Dead Last with Will Stinger – Successful Athletes 021

Hear how Will Stinger trained with TrainerRoad to go from dead last to a podium spot at Lotoja, including how Will recovered from a major crash the year before, how Will fuels early morning workouts and more in Episode 21 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

Will Stinger on Strava

Youtube Video:

Topics covered in this episode:

Fueling early morning workouts
What is the Lotoja Bike Race
How Will starting bike racing
The motivation to take on the Lotoja Bike Race
How Will overcame the challenges of a 200 mile bike race
How Will adjusted his training to fit his schedule
Training while recovering from a big crash
What Will changed to improve his Lotoja race finish
How Will raced to a podium spot at Lotoja in 2020

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Hey Tucker his TR data is private so you may want to take that link down.

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Will, I am planning to race lotoja next year. I would love to know a little more about your pacing. Would you be willing to share some information about your FTP, watts per kg, power over the climbs and average power over the course?

Follow up for @Jonathan. Two years later I won the Cat 4 race and had the 7th fastest time of the day. Training was better than ever, nutrition strategy was 100% dialed, the stars aligned.