Lotoja Podium From Dead Last with Will Stinger – Successful Athletes 021

Hear how Will Stinger trained with TrainerRoad to go from dead last to a podium spot at Lotoja, including how Will recovered from a major crash the year before, how Will fuels early morning workouts and more in Episode 21 of The Successful Athletes Podcast.

Will Stinger on Strava

Youtube Video:

Topics covered in this episode:

Fueling early morning workouts
What is the Lotoja Bike Race
How Will starting bike racing
The motivation to take on the Lotoja Bike Race
How Will overcame the challenges of a 200 mile bike race
How Will adjusted his training to fit his schedule
Training while recovering from a big crash
What Will changed to improve his Lotoja race finish
How Will raced to a podium spot at Lotoja in 2020

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Hey Tucker his TR data is private so you may want to take that link down.

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