Losing my favourites list

If I add a few to the favourites on my phone I can’t see them on my laptop. Am I doing something wrong?
The new calendar is a good workaround for this. I can add on the train home, then it’s there ready on my laptop.

The favorites are not sync’d between platforms right now.

They are working to make them sync’d for all and consistent in filter and search capabilities.


Ok good news, I look forward to that. Would make it omnichannel.

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This cross-platform sync still isn’t ready I guess?

Shouldn’t be rocket science to be able to view your favorites across different platforms?

Seems trainerroad are working on a few enhancements to the platform right now. A few with a bit of a higher priority with the traffic in the forums I’m thinking. I’m just glad someone asked the question. I thought I was adding them improperly on the desk top. Now I know they don’t transfer so im good. They will get it done one day when they come up for air. I’m fine waiting.


Correct, they are not synced at this time. They are still working on the refined system that will be used on all platforms.