Loose VO2 Max if switch

If I do a workout such as short power build that is biased to VO2 max and then for the next work out do something like Marathon MTN bike that focues more on endurance, will I loose VO2 Max gains from the short power build? Or are gains typically sustained if you continue to train etc?

You will not lose benefits of a session after the next session.
However if you do not train VO2 max regularly you will lose the top end.
This is really why training is based in phases and they normally go base, build, specialist, target race.
You will do a few weeks of a type of workout and then move on to a different type in the next phase.

So flitting around between workouts is not best practise and will not lead to optimum results but you can do it if you have no specific target to aim for.

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I’ve been wondering about this too. I’ve so far done:
Gen Build Med Vol

My Plan is to now go back to SSB MV2 then go to Sustained Build then 40K TT

My concern is that if I take a step back to SS Base MV that I will also take a step back from the gains I have made in Vo2 Max and Threshold work.

SSB MV2 contains a weekly VO2 Max session and a threshold session. So you would’nt lose any of the adaption you have gained. If you are concerned that the stimulus won’t be high enough doing SSB MV2 a secound time you can consider adding some TSS, either by increasing the duration of the planned workouts or adding some easy riding.


Great thanks @Torneng