Load Workout button on PC

When clicking on a blank day to add a workout on PC it takes you to add activity, then I click the “Workout” button, which take me to “search”, then I type in the workout I’m looking for, say Baxter, then the list of baxter workouts show up and where I usually get frustrated because I am in a hurry and there is no load button. I try right clicking then double clicking and the description pops up and still no way to load the workout. then after a few wtfs I notice the “Schedule” button way at the bottom then click that then click “Add to Calendar” . by this time I am ready for a beer. LoL but seriously if you could add something like a right click to load workout right from the search results or a load workout button from the description would be nice.

I know its kind of nit picking but this has caught me off guard a few times.
Thanks and fantastic work on a fantastic program.

Total podcast fan,
Rodney :wink: