Live TSS on Garmin 530

Subject says jt all. I’m pretty confident my Garmin can display live TSS…for the life of me I cant find where the data field is hidden in the 900 different categories of options. Anyone give some direction?

I believe it is under the “Power” category when going to add a new data field.

EDIT because I just checked: Yes, it’s under the ‘Power’ category on my Edge 840. It’s pretty far down the list but it’s just called “TSS”

If you need more specific directions to find it let me know and I can give you the annoyingly long path through the nested menus.

Garmin doesn’t make it easy do they?


I run a 530 and TSS is one of the fields I display. It displays as “TSS”, it’s definitely in the list.


Thanks, I may have not bothered scouring power, thinking that was too dumb a place to put it :joy:

TSS is calculated based only on time, power and FTP. Do you think they should put it in the time category?

It’s a power metric.

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