Let's talk track bikes and equipment

I think you’ll be good with either of those.
I had to look through about 1000 Lexus velodrome pics to find it, but here are Dave and Tim on one of each about to roll off…


I should post my former bike in this thread, in it’s road setup

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i’ll post mine here too when i build it. But note that whichever i go for, it WILL be paired with the hipster mustache like the far-right dude in @NickL’s photo lol

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Have you taken a class yet? We have bikes available for rental - no need to solve the bike issue before getting out there. Fine to use them through Cat 4.

Edit: to answer the original question:
You’re spot on about the equipment really not mattering that much. I raced up through Cat 2 on a lovely steel colnago with box section sewups that I bought in 1998.
I got a bit serious in 2019 and decided to see what all the ‘aerodynamics’ hype was about. Got a used open-mold frame (essentially this: Carbon Track Bike Frame AC135 | ICAN Cycling), laced up a set of 80mm lightbicycle rims to my old high flange campy hubs, and picked up a FFWD disc for special events.

I prefer sewups because that’s what I know, even though I’ve read that clinchers are marginally faster.
If you’re interested in custom stuff, I’ll give a plug to https://haldyshandbuiltwheels.com/ - he’s been part of our Seattle track community for decades.

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My nearest track (Derby) is excellent, but 90 mins drive away. I became track qualified in 2019 and had a real hoot doing masters SQT and pursuit sessions there. Local clubs also ran track evenings which were great. We were 20 mins on and 20 mins off, and often newbies with be on teh track while we were recovering. Watching them come off the track first time with big grins on their faces was a joy.

I started on their 84" loan bikes, but picked up a second hand Planet X for £400 (with a load of gearing options) fitted new vittoria tubs and started riding 92/94/96". Made a big difference. Never felt the bike of reasonable wheels held me back. Nice tubs at 150psi made a massive difference though!. I could feel every board. Still spinning (up to 130) but much faster and not over spinning. Also picked up second hand 5 spoke and disc, for pursuiting but never used them. I could swap from pursuit bars to normal bars in 5 mins and so do a pursuit session, then an SQT. So easy.

Decided last year that it was too far travelling (3-4 hours for 2-3 hour sessions), so all sold now. However I really enjoyed track riding and I am convinced it helped my bike handling and spinning as well as endurance.

Its a shame the nearest track is just a little too far away. I never fancied racing or the league, but enjoyed a bit of 4k pursuit (even though I was never very fast).

I would recommend it to anyone. Definitely a hoot.

Always felt embarassed seeing youngsters on rollers though. So relaxed even when thrashing them. I could never could get on with them. Never will be a proper cycist in that respect!


I have done class but honestly it was so long ago i would probably want to do another one before i jump in, even as a beginner. I just don’t even remember anything we did other than ride bikes.

And yes, i remember the loaners. When i do the class and start out, i will definitely make use. Eventually i’d like to get my own, so that i can come to the track at other times and also mess around with gearing.

Apologies if i ever phrased this as a bike problem, there are no bike problems just ‘bike opportunities’ :slight_smile:

Thanks also for the recs!

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