Let's see your Titanium builds!

My Seven Axiom SL. I wanted paint so went all in with it.


And then there were two…

I added this Turner Cyclosys early last autumn to replace an old Vassago Fisticuff cross bike. It has much more relaxed geometry & is comfortable from paved roads to mellow singletrack & anywhere in between.

Finished this Vassago Mooseknuckle build last week. The frame is a crash replacement upgrade from a steel Vassago Verhauen I wrecked. I liked the Verhauen but it felt dead to me. This Moose is likely going to become my go to mtb. The frame is lively & seems to soak up vibes & take the edge off some trail chatter. It’s stiff & responsive when I unleash the force of my massive 800 watt 3 second sprint :laughing: I got 2 decent rides on it this weekend & took down a couple segment PRs I set during my peak fitness in 2020 on my full sus geared bike. PRs in February when I’m not fit? This one’s a keeper!


Final build is done! Can’t wait to ride this thing!

2015 Salsa Ti Colossal. Force AXS 2x. 48/35 Crankset, 10-36 cassette. Zipp 404 Firecrests wheels. Specialized Turbo RapidAir 700x28 tires. Still waiting on my new Handlebars(Whisky Spano Dropbar) but it’s rideable!