Let's see your Steel builds!

Not mine, but I found this bike in the back of a ramshackle shop outside of Lucca a few years ago and rode it for a week. Still kicking myself that I didn’t make an offer on it:



A couple years ago I decided to get rid of some of my old cycling stuff (bikes, wheels, and components that were piling up in the basement). When my half-assed attempts to sell my race bike from 1991 failed, I decided to update it with modern componentry. It’s a Tommasini Super Prestige SLX (the blue one). I’m really glad I didn’t sell it and enjoy riding it once or twice a week on my non-training days. My wife was jealous so I did the same thing to her Prestige SL (pearl white with pink/blue fade). Some old late 80’s/early to mid 90’s) racing pics of us on these bikes are here


These old bikes look so sweet when you hang a modern gruppo on them…

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Tig welded Specialized Allez. Repainted black, Ultegra 10 speed, Mavic wheels. Reasonably light, comfy, and fast.


That is the very the first bike I purchased and rode it a ton and passed it on to my brother. Brings back some amazing memories. A lot of firsts for me on this bike. It fit me perfectly. Enjoy…and thank you for sharing.


Otso Warakin stainless steel. All-road geometry I’ve got set up for gravel with Apex1, Quarq PM, and November Allroad wheels. Right now running 32 conti GP5000. And a redshift stem since I rode this in DK200 in 2019.

Not the lightest bike but very smooth. And on all but the fastest group rides I’m ok. Not great on long road climbs because of the weight.

Bought it off eBay having never ridden one or seen one. It’s been a real find.


Here is my coffee cruiser I built up 1x10 with spare parts. I found the sweet set of 26" sun race rims on craigslist that have a Chris King front and Nuke Proof Carbon rear hub. I have since swapped to a MTB Crank, but it rips around our flat MTB trail. I think its a '95? Anyway it was $50 bucks for the bike with a working 3x8 group and bad wheels.


Fantastic old MTB!

I need more of this love story. Being serious. If you can’t share it on this forum, where the hell can you share a story like this…

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Rescued from a friend’s garage and welcomed with open arms to Florida’s sunshine.

edit: didn’t say what it is… 1989 Merckx 653 Century. Rides like a dream.


I love those old merckx. Nice ride :+1:


Well I drank the steel Kool-aid last year…


Here’s my custom Seven, which was originally a single-speed with horizontal drop-outs when I lived in Houston, but was converted by them with a conventional rear-end when I moved back to the UK. This was taken on a very flat route out near Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands when I lived and worked out there. Enve SES wheels, Red eTap groupo, ZIPP bar, stem and seatpost and fizik saddle. A joy to ride.


just love that - bikes like that make me want to ride like I was 10 years old again, tearing up and down little patches of woods and tracks and trying not to smash into trees and stumps! :rofl: That was back in the days waaaaaay before MTBs in my case :rofl:

I was allowed to attend a frame building course 4 years ago. The result is my cx bike. The paintwork is based on pantani’s giro winner bike.

The second is a cotic soul for easy trail riding.


My Fairlight Strael 2.0.


That’s very cool that you got to build your own frame @oliverschmid79 - it looks great!

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