Leomo Adam Hansen motion analysis

Just listened to another pod cast and Adam Hansen is in partnership with Leomo and they have these devices that will help you with bike fits, has anyone used them, should one seek one out to try??

Seeing someone tomorrow that has it, will let you know how I get on.



I was at one of the presentations Leomo (and Hansen) gave at the Tour Down Under. The motion sensors aren’t new tech. They had them here last year. Their Type-S head unit (which is really just an Android phone) appears to make the process of recording / using the sensor data easier.

Take outs:

  • It’s super nerdy. Which is ace.
  • Hansen went from 180mm cranks to 177.5mm and had his fit/numbers/motion dialled within 35mins. This was impressive to see the process of measuring hip tilt/rock, leg extension/motion, etc.
  • This system can quantify ‘smoothness’… and maybe trainer feel. That’s what caught my interest.
  • What do the numbers really mean? We don’t know. It’s part of the puzzle, but not the whole picture. I assume for the complete picture we’d need to combine motion with optimal muscle engagement.
  • The sensors can be used to set a baseline of your ‘optimal torso position’ on the bike (once you know it). You can then use those numbers to show you’re holding that position in racing/training.

I picked up a set of the sensors. I’m familiar with the Type-S head unit. I’ll see if I can replicate what Hansen did for his bike fit and go from there.

Other random thoughts when looking at this: The Wahoo TickrX and the Specialized ANGi both have x/y/z accelerometers that could be used to set a torso/head baseline and have that data on a head unit when riding. Another data point for Tri/TT riders. It’d be basic… but cheaper… or free for those who already have those sensors.


Great info, so with the information that the system can provide, can a simple person like me use it to set up their bike, or is it like a bike shop system to use to set it up. As for the Angi device that I have but I don’t have a whoo device can I still monitor those vectors?

Right now it sounds like a data collector. They need to build a whole suite of meaningful analytics around it, which is going to take them forever ever to validate. Until they’ve built an infinite number of meanful metrics, it’s just a toy.

Theres a webinar tomorrow.

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I had the chance to use it on the weekend, it gathers a lot of data and seems to me that it will tell you much more about your technique and dead spots in your stroke than a magic wand for bike fit.

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If you want to work on your own position and fit I find bike fit elite app for £10 is excellent.

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Any link to the app? I’m getting numerous results and not sure which you like.


I had the basic one which was ok, the elite version is miles ahead, once you get the dots captured it has a dynamic wire frame, uses a coded system to let you know status of each angle and offers suggestions for adjustments.


Couple of snapshots below, I was just messing around with it on the weekend without coloured dots so it is not all calibrated correctly but gives you the idea


DC rainmaker has a review of it here

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Thanks for testing it out. I already know where my dead spot is, between the ears…
Going to look at the App, I had a bike fit a few years ago, but I broke my hip in cx this fall and now I’ve been told one leg is shorter… so I need to get a new fit.


That is standard version I used to use, the elite version is better by a country mile.

But if you broke leg then I will def go to a top pro.


Is there currently a way to connect the TickrX as a sensor?

This seems to be Adam Hansen’s fit protocol with leomo:
How I do a Standard bike fit with a LEOMO TYPE-R or TYPE-S – Hanseeno.

I’m not saying it can fully replace a professional fit but seems like following that to tweak saddle height and fore/aft position multiple times during the year could be very useful. Though guessing bit fitters would lose business if that happened though maybe could rent out the device to make up for it

If you can capture the data during a fit (or really the end of the fit in the final position it could help you know if you maintain the same position riding outdoors on your normal rides. (i.e. allow the fitter to see how reality doesn’t line up with inside the fit studio if you need to go back for a tweak)
Would also make it much easier to swap saddles and stay fitted (see Adam Hansen Bike Fitting Protocol webinar - YouTube )

Kind of wished they got together with Hammerhead so they could get their app running on that and just have a dongle with the hardware to connect to the sensors. I feel like their headunit is great for the biomechanics but not so great as a day to day bike computer. If they could let others develop the head unit they could make the unit cost less and get more people onto using it