Legs feel 'flat'

Hi everyone. Today I got on and tried Augusta. Legs felt ‘flat’. Still. I know that my top end (sprint-ish) is sufferering but I am expecting that to improve as I progress into specialty.

I am concerned about this feeling flat as I felt sort of that way 2 weeks ago at my first race. Was not too bad last at last week’s group ride (1st in over a year! Yea!!!).

A little more background. Yesterday I just swam. Group ride was weather cancelled. Last run was two days ago and i recovered fine from it.

Sleep has been great actually. Feeling well rested actually.

Eating well and enough.

Legs are not sore like they were overdone.

I need to crack this flatness. This feels aweful. Never mind racing the next 2 weekends.

First race? Congrats! Did you empty the tank at the race like most do? I ask, because that requires significant recovery. If you didn’t do that right, your legs will feel like that. I just recently did a few races in a row(consecutive weeks) and it required more recovery than I had planned and needed a recovery week to get right afterwards.

Not my first race ever, just of the season. Thanks.

That race was on May 18. Though group ride on May 22. I took it easy for a few days after that. I lifted the 23rd and did not run as legs were tired. Swam the 24th as it is more recovery for me.

Ran Sunday, mtb skills (easy) ride Monday, short run Tues. swam yesterday.

Sounds like a ton, but this is normal amount w more than normal recovery.

That doesn’t sound like much. Unless it was an IM, I would say it was probably just a bad day with a hard ride. Augusta is not joke. Make sure you fuel those longer rides :stuck_out_tongue:

have you taken a rest week recently?
have you been doing the same workouts over and over again?
maybe stagnating… ?

Life through in a partial rest week. Above I posted what the week looked like.

Been working through base. Going to repeat last week.

Did a solo road ride and legs feel somewhat better. Will preride part of Xterra Knoxville today. See how how they do.