Leadville Pro Athlete Interviews - Ask a Cycling Coach 320

We interviewed 10 of the fastest athletes taking on the Leadville 100 to find out how they are uniquely preparing their bodies, equipment and execution strategies to find success at one of the biggest mountain bike races in the world. Tune in to hear from Sarah Sturm, Eddie Anderson, Laura King, Peter Stetina, Katerina Nash, Alex Wild, Hannah Finchamp, Keegan Swenson, Rose Grant and Alex Howes!

Heads up: Some of the audio is pretty rough in this episode (particularly Alex Howes’ audio). Maxine (podcast producer) put in a lot of work to salvage as much as possible, but if you have any further questions about what was said, we’re happy to fill in the gaps for ya!

Youtube Live Video:

Topics Covered in This Episode

  • Are you doing anything unique to prepare for Leadville?
  • What has your training been like leading into Leadville?
  • What is your nutrition plan for race day?
  • Are you making any unique equipment choices for race day?

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I don’t think he’s racing but Colin Strickland (2019 Unbound winner) says:

You get fifth place in Unbound Gravel when you do nine hours a week.

The 100 is similar-ish so can we expect to see podiums full of HV TR riders? :wink:

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Did you take a hiatus for a while?

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Who me?

@Jonathan I lost track, but who was the last question answerer who said she is racing on a non-carbon bike? I was intrigued so wanted to do some snooping. :blush:

It’s Sarah Sturm, she posted the bike to her Instagram.


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Ah ha. A Chisel! Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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I want expecting that. I was thinking Ti.

I keep seeing and hearing the Chisel is such an excellent bike, but I’m surprised you’d pick one for Leadville. I know she said it’s under 20lb, but it’s teeny weeny and I have no perspective on how much a bike that small would usually weigh :man_shrugging:.

@Jonathan , to Sarah Sturm’s comments on hydration/electrolytes without sugar. Try LMNT in her water bottle. It’s been a life saver for me solving my late race cramps. I’ll added it to my own mixture for fuel or add it to my water bottle with no sugar.