Leadville 2021 Thread

Can you drive to the top of Columbine in a family SUV (think Kia Sorento AWD) or is it Jeep trails only? I looked at photo’s from race day at the turn around and it looked like mostly 4x4 vehicles except there was a vendor sprinter van. We’re doing another road trip this summer and I would like to drive up and check out the view. Probably won’t have the bike with me or time to ride up. Although that would be ideal.


I’ve only ridden it a few times and have never driven it, but I know the sections near the top are pretty sketchy. I think you could drive most of it and then make a decent hike out of the rest of it. I’ve never seen a vehicle at the top, just ATV’s.

Probably not. At the beginning of the goat trail is where it will get challenging for most vehicles.

About where I have dropped the pin on this map is where you can reasonably expect to drive to:

Dropped pin

Fantastic. Really appreciate the info.


I’ve been running the Tannus Armor Tubeless inserts in my rear tire for the super rocky Las Vegas trails. Do you all think this is necessary at leadville?
Pros: More protection against flats . Can run about 2 psi lower pressure.
Cons: Weighs 150g. If I DO puncture with this in, its a bit difficult to get off (though nothing like a cushcore or anything.
FYI I’m a pretty big guy at 6’1", 190lbs and I’m running a Schwalbe Racing Ralph Super Ground (a bit beefier sidewall than the Super Race).

I’m entered in for both the Leadville 50 and 100 and in the Denver area. If there is anyone else in the Front Range looking for someone to go on some long endurance/tempo training rides with or to preview the course with let me know. Always more motivating to train with someone on those long rides.