Larger display for TR and Netflix help

I know there are posts. For me it gets quite over my head technically. I want a larger display and/or two separate displays. I use my iphone for pandora and headphones. At times, I want to BT movies while trianing and I do that through my macbook pro (2016). I currently run TR and Youtube/Netflix on a 13 inch macbook. It seems silly to run a wire to a larger TV only to have essentially 2 displays showing the exact same thing.

Is there a simple way to just run these programs separately from a phone or Macbook/laptop? Would an older mac mini solve this problem?

Are you saying, for example, you want to run Netflix and TR on your laptop at the same time? If so, you can minimize TR and maximize Netflix. Let us know if that’s the goal.

After a long battle of trying to unify all my displays in a way that made sense, I just bought a handlebar phone holder for the bike and run TR on my phone and entertainment through the TV


I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking, but it sounds like what you want to do is run both TR and Netflix on your laptop, but have a separate display for each app? If that’s what you’re after you can easily do that. You can hook an external monitor up to your Macbook then just drag each window to the display you want them on. You can even run each app full-screen. Alternatively, for a wireless solution you can hook another monitor or TV up to an AppleTV, then connect your macbook to the TV as if it were a second monitor using AirPlay. Though, if you do that, you can also just run Netflix on the AppleTV, then TR on your laptop and not worry about connecting them.


I have a windows pc, ipad, and android phone running at the same time. ipad plays movies or music, phone plays zwift companion and pc does trainerroad and zwift.

In a pinch I could do music from my phone, TR from the ipad and get along fine

Or you could extend your desktop to a second display. That would not have the two displays showing the same thing, but rather have two separate desktops.

So yes, there are lots of options.

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I currently run Netflix and TR on a MacBook 13 inch. I have TR minimized down at the bottom. It’s great. I have the option of connecting BT earbuds to the MacBook for when I want to watch a movie and ride, etc. But I would like to have them on a larger display. Screen mirroring doesn’t seem to really do what Im after. Because then it’s the same thing duplicated. Although as another suggested, maybe there is a way to throw another application to a different larger display.

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I use an Apple TV and a Mac mini, connected to an older TV with PIP.

Newer TVs don’t have dual tuners, but computer monitors can do side by side, but aspect ratios get a bit screwy.