Lance back in the media

I thought he told Oprah he was sorry?? Lol

He’s not sorry. No remorse. More evidence that he’s a sociopath.


"I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change the way I acted. I mean I would, but this is a longer answer,” he said. “Primarily, I wouldn’t change the lessons that I’ve learned."

The headline is clickbait…everyone involved is still trying to make a buck off of lxnce…including lxnce.

He’s a kid who grew up poor and fatherless, wanting so desperately to be rich and in control…pro cycling just happened to be his medium. He’ll never change because he’ll never address that part of his life (except for trying to marry women who look like Momma Armstrong!). And those leeching off him will never change because they’ll flog that cash cow until it’s bone dry.


You seem to know so much about him lol.


He’s not wrong.


I feel this is the context that’s important:

“I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change the way I acted. I mean I would, but this is a longer answer,” he said. “Primarily, I wouldn’t change the lessons that I’ve learned. I don’t learn all the lessons if I don’t act that way. I don’t get investigated and sanctioned if I don’t act the way I acted.

I feel I understand what he means - I’ve made mistakes (but probably…not his level) in my life but I prefer to move forward and become better than focus on the past and regret things or feel self-pity.


It’s easier to just bring out the torches and pitchforks.


I finally saw the video. I agree with what he said. The news media will always put their own jargon and spin into the story. I think the guy is a dirtbag, but he’s also an extreme type-a competitor. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. Matter of fact, he was spot-on in my most humble opinion. Great interview.

Right? Kinda creepy!

Guys…come on. Let’s get real here. I think this is just one more stone that’s unnecessarily thrown at him

So basically he thinks the real harm he caused to all sorts of people (Lemond, Andreus, etc etc etc) was worth it because he personally ‘learned some lessons’.

That’s purely sociopathy. Still not thinking about the people he harmed and whether or not they had a choice in being fucked around by him, still just thinking about how it worked out for him personally. I’m sure if you asked Greg Lemond he’d have preferred to keep his bike company and maybe let Lance learn his life lessons some other way.


I didn’t perceive it as that. I think he has tried (in his mind) with all the people he hurt to apologize but otherwise accepted some may not forgive (which said is their right). Whether he feels he should do more (as with LeMond) is up to him to judge, I don’t have an opinion on that - in theory, perhaps LeMond could bring that up in a civil lawsuit.

I think what “worth it” meant was more towards it has helped him grow as a better person. If he had not been caught, he could have kept living the lie and just kept streamrolling over people.

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I had no idea so many forum users were psychologists. My friends and I started riding bikes because we saw Lance on TV. I’m not gonna psychoanalyze anyone, but I’m still glad I started riding! We’re all still riding! I know I’m not the only one that followed Lance to a healthier, fitter lifestyle. Plus his pod casts are funny.


He is a lot more self aware than most people give him credit for imo.

He has sociopathic tendencies, but he isn’t oblivious to it.

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Dude has been working with a therapist for a decade, he can have a second chance.


For him to be classified as a sub decent human being he would have to accept what he did. Apologize to those people and pay back some on the tens of millions he ripped people off for. In the interview he said he couldn’t be honest because there were lawsuits. Well time has expired on those suits so now he can be honest because he’s learned lessons and he’s growing as a person… because now he doesn’t have to pay anyone back nuttin. That takes a big man of character.

He can pay for a second chance. He just got lucky a president told the FBI to back off. He would have spent years in jail.