Kolie Moore's FTP test protocol

Coach Chad has some very good progressions in TR plans. My biggest challenges were:

  • designing more aerobic endurance into the plan
  • designing resistance training and core stability work into the plan

I’m still a subscriber and supporter of TR, but I decided to go coached athlete route after doing a stock plan with more aerobic endurance (along with resistance training + core stability) built into the plan. Honestly the best decision I’ve made since buying a road bike December 2015. Just too many training variables to juggle along with a full-time job, family, and house.


Progressions are good but intervals are too short and recovery too long. They work awesome if you start with training but next year doing 8x6 min SST or something similar seems more like a joke if you are diesel type.

But there is always workout creator that solves all the problems and I hope they will finish web version.


having just finished 3 months of resistance training and reduced riding (due to smoke from forest fires), I can tell you that yesterdays 2x15 was NOT a joke LOL. Longer work will come in due time. I’m currently a fan of doing standard intervals like 2x20 during the week, and saving the long tempo and SS intervals for Saturday’s big ride.


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Of course it is very highly individual. On the other hand I have recently done 1x90@90% and honestly it was just another day in the office (and I was quite surprised). But I need at least 80 min TiZ to call it proper SST workout. And WKO agrees :slight_smile:

I am currently experimenting with little bit higher volume of Z2 and Tempo but doing only 2 harder workours - one SST with at least 80 min TiZ and 1 O/U with 60 min TiZ and honestly I am pleasantly surprised how I feel and how the workouts feel. Recently @Captain_Doughnutman was flying after polarized and I have the similar experience - HR is low, legs are clearing very fast, muscles are tired but body is fresh.

You block VO2 max workouts into VO2 max block. For example:
Week1: M:5x4 T:4x5 W:6x3.5
Week2: 5x4 T:4x5 W:6x3.5

Or you can do 5 days of VO2 max and then, one vo2 max for the week and rest is Z2. To maximise adaptations from Vo2 max. And then you can forget about Vo2 max for longer time and do other workouts.

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and age certainly plays a role, I’m definitely feeling the need for more recovery as I progress thru my 5th decade walking the earth

Also agree. I am close to 4th decade. And that is why TR would never have the plans that would fit everybody… at least till they include some AI and something like iLevels that would calculate the intervals and then something like HumanGo from Alan Couzens that manages recovery :slight_smile:

Personally I think one problem is that TR doesn’t have anything close to a closed loop. Except with employees. Another reason why I think working with a coach can be quite useful.

Working with the coach is probably the way to go… but (my example) it is very hard to justify the cost (high for a really good coach) when I do not race … and I do not race, because I do not think my fitness is good enough to be something other than cannon fodder (I my country there are no categories so you race with ex-pros if your ftp is 360W or 150W) and to improve my fitness probably the best solution would be to hire a good coach - and the snake is eating it’s own tale :wink:

I’m just trying to solve the resistance+cycling programming puzzle, our Wed night ride has some heavy 320-360W FTP hitters and one of them is a year younger! I was able to hang on for good portions when my FTP was above 260. To be honest I don’t care about racing except for hanging with the lead group on Wed night worlds.

In Hunter Allen’s own words:

It is absolutely critical when using the principles of training with power that you adhere to both the time and intensity components of Dr. Coggan’s Power Training Levels in order to train effectively.

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if you parse that like a lawyer, it doesn’t mean Coggan prescribes duration. Reads like halo marketing to my (former vp mktg & current sales nerd) eyes :man_shrugging: In fact Coggan is always quick to point out the training levels are descriptive not prescriptive, just further reinforcing (in my mind) that the prescriptive durations are from Allen.

My lawyer’s name is Occam.

I’ve got a TTE test this weekend. Have a feeling it’s going to be horrendous — I say 35min @ 280w. I’ll report back.

2021 starts Monday!

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Looks like I’m getting good at guesstimating my FTP.

35min @ 290w. :cry:
Evidence that a month of anaerobic-only training is FTP detrimental.
I might have been able to struggle to 40min but why? It’s base season!

Time: down 22min (39%) from season high.
Watts: down 8% from season high but up 32% from season start.
I’d be happy with another 30% gain in 2021. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Pretty substantial and quite surprising (to me) decrease of TTE. Another round of staying at home is upon us so 30% gains are possible…

The decline was almost all muscular. Cardio was fine but legs couldn’t take it.
My peak TTE/FTP came after my POL block so I had been doing a lot of riding.
This TTE/FTP comes after a month of doing FRC-only training, so maybe a TOTAL of 45min of work!

It’s kinda weird how you can just feel it slipping away…

Looking forward to getting back into the fray.



Very interesting - thanks for posting.

Not surprised, I destroyed my FTP with TR’s short power build plan last year.

I do wonder though if in your test, you actually were above FTP. I find the 10W increase without TTE increase interesting. I have a feeling that a high FRC would allow you to make it to 35min above FTP.

Ah, now I see…there’s some confusion!

The “35min @ 280w“ was my guess at what the results of this test would be. The actual result was 35min @ 290w.

Both TTE and power declined from pre-FRC FTP.

I think I’m much better equipped physically and intellectually to raise all boats this season than when I joined TR in 2018. Fun times await!