Kleenex as critical workout equipment

On a recent podcast Nate said something like “I blow my nose 200 times per trainer session”.

Honest question - how to you blow your nose with a kleenex while the fan is blowing. If you could only see me trying to turn my face so that the kleenex stays on my freaking nose. It’s not possible!

I have a stash of hand towels I blow my nose into because they are heavier and not susceptible to wild flapping in the wind of my fan. Makes for a lot of gross laundry tho.

Any equipment advice greatly appreciated!



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Some people can use Kleenex easier than other people can maybe? It might be a skill level thing - If you have to blow your nose 200 times during a workout, you probably get pretty good at it, especially over the years. It’s a skill thing evidently. As Coach Chad sayts, “Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect” (or something like that). It takes time to master complex techniques. May the Kleenex gods be with you :-).


Seriously - I just blow my nose into my fingers and wipe it off on my shorts.

Sounds gross, but I don’t need to do it all that much, and both me and my shorts get thoroughly washed immediately after the session.


I’m a back of nose dropper not a front of nose dripper. Means less need for tissues but I have a spittoon instead.

What’s wrong with using your towel, which you also use for wiping sweat? Looking pretty is the least of my cares when digging deep.

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Fear the 10000 ~kicks~ nose blows

I use paper towels. My nose is always running when training or eating. I never leave the house without some…


Yummy. :nauseated_face:

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Snot rockets directly onto the trainer mat


I use half a paper towel sheet which I keep in the water bottle holder of the treadmill beside my rollers. The half sheet is less susceptible and easier to control than a full sheet due to the reduced frontal area (i.e., more aero) Paper towel is firmer than kleenex and can last through multiple blows.


I keep a box of Kleenex beside me as I workout. Use and dispose immediately then tidy up afterwards. I never appreciated how much | blow my nose until I started consistent indoor training!


Thanks all!

Same for me - happens maybe a dozen times in an hour and I don’t care about getting the kit dirty since it’s going straight into the wash

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+1 on tough paper towels. A half roll fits nicely in your bike’s second water bottle holder.

Yep, I have a sweat towel and a handkerchief. Gross laundry is better than gross hard-to-wash things, and I sweat enough that paper tissue or paper towels or whatever wouldn’t work anyway.

I usually end up using something heavier for that reason.

Hand towels are a must.

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Use 2 hands? I keep tissues near by and use them all the time. Twards the end of the workout is just use the sweat towel. I also rinse my nose with warm salt water befor each ride to get the excess and deep snot out before the ride starts.

Deeper into a workout I use a sweat towel. Kleenex is only possible because I’m periodically mopping my face with the towel.