Kinetic RS Power Bike Trainer (T2900) & Onelap App?

Kinetic has been teasing a new trainer for a while on FB and such. From the early clips, it was clear it was a fixed trainer and likely budget minded version. I also started to wonder if it was even “their trainer” based on some design elements I saw in those pics.

Upon what seem to be the start of the official release, I am convinced they are rebranding the Magene T100 trainer as their own.

The copy on the product pages is a near copy-paste with name swap. Features and specs all match so I don’t think it’s a monumental leap to connect these.

The real question for me is, “Why?”. I guess since they have had very mixed success with their house made electronic trainers maybe they are looking for the easy button. At the $349 USD price, it is a decent option for direct drive trainer with data, but not controlled like other more expensive trainers. Honestly, I’ve kind of wanted a “dumb direct drive trainer” at times for something along the lines of my Kinetic Road Machine, but DD for avoiding wheel slip issues.

I guess time will tell. Perhaps this trainer can gain some traction in the US in particular, with name recognition vs the Magene name that is largely unknown.

For reference, here are two Magene T100 reviews that give us some great info and feedback.

OK, this may or may not be directly related… but just posted on the Kinetic Riders FB group, they are listing a direction connection to, and offering Onelap as a solution to the ongoing issues with the Kinetic Fit app.

From memory and confirmed with a quick check, Onelap is a Magene app by origin:

This adds to my interest here in a bigger picture. It sure has the looks of a very tight connection (maybe even a buyout) between Kinetic & Magene. Is there anyone that has sharable info on what seems to be a new development?
@dcrainmaker or @GPLama or @tariqhali

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Onelap is just awful in so many ways. I was just in Onelap trying to activate a trainer and I’m ready to give up and send it back.

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Ha, from my skimming of the reviews on the app source sites, I was skeptical from just that.

I feel bad for the Kinetic Fit App users. Kinetic hit some problem, are unwilling or unable to actually fix whatever is wrong, and are now offering this as some sort of solution. Sounds like that is maybe even worse than the prior app that most seem to want for simple calibration of the trainer.

Just more evidence that Kinetic seems to have lost their way in the current tech based world of trainers.


The Kinetic app just crashes and says it has a bug when you try and open it…hopefully I never have to calibrate my inride again…

If you are on Android, from the little bit that I read, using “Airplane mode” may sidestep whatever it is sticking on. This may well be version dependent, and Kinetic removed the Android version entirely from the Play store. This guy offers an alternative source, but I have no experience with it.

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My research indicates you’re on the money. This is exactly what they’re doing.


BAM! Props on the slick investigative work. :smiley:

Batteries not included. :rofl:

$379 with cassette?
That seems to be too good to be true.

Well, depends on what you expect. This is essentially a half-smart (half-dumb) trainer. Meaning it will broadcast some power data (effectively virtual power based upon flywheel speed), but it is not a “controlled” trainer like some might expect from the looks.

This still requires full shifting to get different resistance levels like any other fluid or magnetic trainer. This has the advantage of not having to deal with roller tension against a tire, which is great and something I am considering for a backup / travel trainer.

But it lacks ERG or Simulation control, so it is on a lower level than stuff like the Kickr Core, Tacx Flux, Elite Suito and such.

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that make sense…
Ive been trying to read more about it, but sadly my network sucks and I cant access a lot of places right now.

I suggest watching the review videos I shared above whenever you can. That should clear up what it is and isn’t relatively quickly.

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Oh believe. Ive been trying. I would be watching videos if I could…
Let just put it this way. TR is one of the few pages I can load.
I cant even do a google search!

Yikes, that would be a pain. Hope that gets better soon.

Yeah me too.
Ive been waiting 2 years to get better tho.