Kinetic road machine with 24" wheels adjustment

So I’ve got my son using his 24" road bike on a kinetic road machine and I’ve been able to get enough tension to get it working but today I can’t seem to get enough drum contact even when tightening the knob all the way. The specs indicate that it does support 24" wheels, but maybe tire size comes into play, his has small road slicks on it and maybe there’s just enough wear that it’s not making as good of contact. Anyhow, figured I’d ask here to see if there are any suggestions, I’ve got an elite trainer that would work (a qubo fluid type, using bodyweight) so I can switch him to that if necessary.

don’t know if this applies to your version

I think it applies to 20” and below but the kinetic supports 24 and up (at least on paper)

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well if you’re extending it all the way down, then you should probably check it, no?

and any bike with tires having an outside diameter of 22" or less

You even said so yourself

Having dealt with “24 inch” wheels when my kids were growing up, there are pretty large variations of it.

The MTB ones have a BSD of 507 IIRC, the BMX racing 520, and I think some bikes are 540 ISO ERTO size. I think wheelchairs use other sizes, at least IIRC.

507 is 19.9 inches + tire height * 2. I doubt you can put road slicks on that, unless you mean fat slicks.
520 is 20.5 inches + tire height * 2, should be about 22-22.5inches (one inch tires are not really one inch high).
540 is 21.25 inches + tire height * 2, should be about 22.75 to 23.25 inches, with the 25c slick mounted.

So, which do you have (ISO size), and measure the diameter, as not all tires sit at the same height. They are usually wider than they are tall.

his is 24x1 (I got him a felt f24 road bike, wish I had one when I was 9 lol) , so the height must just be just a tad off to make it work on the kinetic. As far as I can see kurt kinetic doesn’t make any distinctions, but it’s a small enough audience, I suppose

I ended up putting him on the elite fluid primo, and using the virtual power with that vs the inride. Zwift also doesn’t support 24x1 for their virtual power, so I went with 24x1.75. His average power is better with the elite, he averaged 49w for 60min today, vs the 25-35w range with the kinetic. Not that power matters for a 9 year old, it’s more about his having a better experience when his avatar moves more like everyone else’s.

Yeah, what I mean is that they are all different diameters. The ISO 520 and ISO 540 can both support 24x1, but they are different outer diameters.

I looked up the Felt F24, what a great bike for kids. The Felt F24 uses the Alex DA22 rims. Looking that up, it’s ISO 540 size. With a 1 inch tire, it should be over 22 inches, a hair under or over 23 inches. This was, seriously, a really big problem when I was building my son’s bike (years ago, he’s way older now). 24 inch rims, who knew that it’s such a problem.

Very strange that it doesn’t fit.

I have the Kinect Road Warrior , my son uses it and has 24" tires.

When he’s on it, we can’t calibrate it to hit 25 MPH, anyone able to adjust it so that it “senses” his 24" tire?