Kinetic Road Machine to Direto X upgrade or not?

Hi there… First time post here, i was just lurking around this days and realized high quality communication and knowledge so reason to post here :slight_smile:

Ok, im using Kinetic Road Machine (green version bought in 2017), also have ProFly wheel on it, and as power source i use my Favero Duo pedals.

Most of the time i ride workouts (Trainerroad, then wanted to learn more i created mine training plan and rode them from Garmin Fenix 5 or Edge 520), now riding Workouts in Zwift…

Start explroing smart trainers and thinking should i upgrade to one… I realized that most of the Smart Trainers have issues and that warranty is very important… Also im on Campagnolo 10sp indoor (my outrdoor bikes have 11 sp Campagnolo), so Campagnolo support is must… So all this lead me to Elite Direto X as upgrade option…

Why Direto X vs others? It have own issuess as well (belt problems, motherboard problem), but 99% of them can be resolved at home without needing to send trainer trought the post… So that why no option for Wahoo, or Saris (Saris also dont support Campagnolo, so will have to ride it with Shimano cassette which not sure that will work properly). Another option is Tacx (Flux S or Flux 2), but i read even worst vs Direto X… So get back to Direto X (also i can buy it localy and no need to order from different country like other trainers (i have Tacx Flux S and Flux 2 localy maybe Neo but Neo is otuside of my price range)

So i compared Direto X to my Kinetic Road Machine+ Favero Duo + ProFlywheel in few things:

  1. Road Feel - Direto X seem to have one of the lightest FlyWheel, so seem that i’ll lost a lot of nice road feel i have on my Kinetic. I put ProFlywheel for long endurance rides, remove for high efforts ramps… So had a choice to choose what road feel i need fo specific purpose…

Will i lost a lot of good Road Feel switching to Direto X? Does it matter a lot? Anyone who upgraded from Road Machine to Direto X or Direto to comment this?

  1. ERG Mode - Seem that Diretos have one of the worst ERG Implementation, since i read it have a lot of lag, delay, and short intervals not doable at all… But also wondering how important is ERG…I admit never tried, but on my Road Machine i like to focus on my Cadence/Power and to shift gear my self… It help pass time, and dont like to watch series or similar while im training… And most of the time i can do it intervals properly with asked wattage… I read all positives about ERG, and for me look contra productive…

But since i never tried, maybe i’ll change my mind if i try… Is it Direto X that bad in ERG mode? Should i consider Direto X in ERG as upgrade to my Kinetic?

  1. Sim mode, climbing simulation, Zwift… This is another thing i have doubt is it upgrade going to Direto X… Practicing to climb etc… Now i just choose harder gear, cadence/wattage i have for real on real climb, and ride around that… If i go Direto X the climb simulation will be automaticaly… But then i realized that declared 14% on Direto and 18% Direto X is not true… I found power curve of Direto, made some calculation for my weight of 75 kg at a moment, and realized that for 10 km/h it will simulate only 8% grade far from 14… Cant find Power Curve for Direto X, and since it stronger in declared wattage vs Direto, should i expect from Direto X in 10km/h climbs to simulate at least 10-12% for my Weight?

And is this Climb simulation much much better feel in Zwift vs my Kinetic Road Machine i have?

  1. Reliability… Kinetic Road Machine + Favero Duo + ProFLywheel totaly reliable… WIll last for years… If i switch to Direto X i know some of this reliablity will be lost… But also realized that most of the things as i said can be resolved quickly and at home (broken Belt+Pulley, or motherboard… Cant find other failures of Direto 's )

And is it changed at all belt and pulley on Direto X vs Direto? Are Direto X considered as reliable trainer?

So, should i go from my trusty Kinetic Road Machine+ProFlywheel+Favero Assioma Duo to Direto X? Is it upgrade at all , or just marketing? Or to wait for something else in the future?

Sorry for long post… Wondering about ur opionion…